You Can’t Attend a Wedding, What Are Your Obligations?

rsvpYou’ve just been invited to a coworker’s wedding. While the two of you are good friends around the water cooler, after a quick consultation with your calendar, you immediately realize you will be unable to attend the wedding. Do you really have to do anything beyond that?


The idea behind an RSVP is to let the happy couple-to-be know whether you plan to attend. In most cases, that means responding with a “Yes” or a “No.” Simple ignoring the invitation completely is a terrible breach of etiquette.  If you do not plan to attend, follow the protocol on the invitation. In most cases, a response card will be enclosed so you can let the couple know about your choice. Your RSVP will typically not be challenged.

Uncomfortable with an outright “no”? You may want to let them know why you won’t be attending, and that’s perfectly okay. If it’s a destination wedding, feel free to explain the fact that you already have travel plans for your vacation days this year or that you simply can’t afford to make the trip. The same goes in the event that it’s an out of town wedding. If you already have other plans, that’s a perfectly natural response as well. Whatever you choose to say, though, try to avoid telling a lie. You may end up in a web of lies that it’s increasingly tough to get out of at some point in time.

The Gift

wedding_giftMost wonder if they are required to send a gift, despite the fact that they don’t intend to attend the wedding. The answer to this tough question is a bit muddled. Some experts suggest that all you do have to do is send a note of congratulations to the couple. A gift, unless you’re attending the wedding, is not required of you.

These days, however, most people who receive an invitation do send a gift, whether they plan to attend or not, and etiquette experts, including the Emily Post Institute, are starting to lean toward this philosophy. There are some exceptions to the rule, however. Those experiencing financial difficulties do not have to send gifts, nor do those who will not be attending destination weddings. Similarly, if you do not plan to attend a wedding of someone who you haven’t been close with for a number of years, there’s no need to send a gift.

Should you choose to go ahead and send a wedding gift, however, make certain that you do so before the wedding actually occurs. You may want to try to get the couple’s registry information from their wedding website, through social media, or through the maid of honor so you can choose the perfect gift for the two of them.

It may be difficult to choose not to attend the wedding, but once you’ve made your choice, you do have a few other obligations to attend to if you don’t actually plan to be at the wedding. Just saying “no” isn’t going to be enough in this case.

Bridal Hair Accessories for Short Hairstyles

Wedding_HairWhen you think bride, you probably think quite a bit about long hair and all of the different accessories available. Short haired brides, at least in the public eye, seem to be at a disadvantage when it comes to accessories. The reality, though, is there are some amazing choices out there for any hair length. Here are a few you may want to consider.

Hair Bands – Short hair looks great with a thin hairband. Whether you decide to go with a stretchy loop that looks amazing with your dress or you’d rather go with the more traditional metal u-shaped band, it will look perfect. Just remember that you want to look like an adult, and the wider and more ornate the hair band is, the more likely it is to make you look a bit childish.

Hair Clips – There are lots of different hair clips that will look fabulous with your dress. You’ll not only find them at your local bridal store, but there are lots online, even handmade ones at sites like Etsy. It probably won’t be difficult to find one that will go with your dress. It may, however, be more difficult to find one that won’t slip out of your hair. Make sure you choose one with some grip effects built in. You’ll need a smaller clip, but make certain you don’t choose one that looks too childish. For the best effect, you probably want to place the clip on the side of your hair.

Fascinators – A fairly old wedding tradition, the fascinator is the perfect accessory for those with shorter hair to consider. While many of those have some serious bulk to them, you’ll want to go with something slightly more understated, as well as something that works well with your dress. Remember that they don’t all attach in the same manner, so make certain you get one that will attach well in your hair and not fall out. They’re the perfect tough without being a full veil. They’re widely available, but you can also custom-order them fairly inexpensively from some designers, which may help you find one that better fits your needs.

Veils – Don’t worry. If you really want a wedding veil but you happen to have short hair, it’s completely possible to still go with this traditional bridal attire. While you can most certainly go with traditional longer veil, there are lots of shorter choices out there these days, too, that look just as cute. Sometimes called birdcage veils, these are wonderful choices that will give you the veil you want with a more creative hair accessory.


It’s not just about long-haired brides these days. With so many people of different ages getting married and styles changing all of the time, short haired brides have more choices than ever before. Go with the traditional veil or choose a better accessory that you really like. Just consult with your bridal fashion expert to select what might look best in your hair on your big day before you make your purchase.

Wedding Decoration on a Budget: 6 Gorgeous Flowers That Won't Let You Down

Wedding Flowers by Woodland Warner FlowersFor most brides, flowers are an inseparable part of the wedding decor and bridal ensemble. However, let's face it; real flowers can cause a major dent on the budget, especially if you don't have much knowledge about the right flowers. The common misconception is that the most exotic looking flowers are the most expensive. Just because something looks breathtakingly beautiful, doesn't mean it has to be expensive too.

Take a look at these six flowers that tell you exactly how you can achieve the most gorgeous wedding, without breaking the budget.

1. Asiatic Lilies

These are most inured of all variants of lilies. What makes them the perfect choice for wedding flowers is their large size, which means you get to use less and still create that fuller effect. In addition, they come in a plethora of colors ranging from white to yellow to red to pink and their various combinations. These lilies are available all year round and multiply quickly, which means price is hardly an issue. For those brides looking to add some feminine flair to their bouquets, centerpieces, or wall decor, these flowers are your best friends.

2. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are nature's answer to pom-poms and your answer to an awesome bridal bouquet on a budget. Hydrangeas lend that special feel of romance and elegance without much effort. Plus, they require little to no attention, which is something you will be grateful for on your wedding day. Hydrangeas bloom in large and dense clusters, which again, lessen your need for too many flowers.

3. Chrysanthemums

Honestly, what is not there to love about this stunning flower? Its heavy and dense petals allow you to use it with other flowers, lending that inimitable texture to a bouquet. The fully bloomed flowers can be used individually and still create just as much of an eye-popping effect.

 4. Carnations

You'll find Carnations in shades like eggplant, hot pink, neon orange and lime green. The sheer intensity and boldness of the colors is unimaginable and unmatchable. This is what makes them the perfect choice for off-beat, quirky weddings. Also, because of their colors and patterns, even a single flower manages to grab about just as much attention as a full bouquet.

5. Spray Roses

For those who have their hearts stuck on roses but minds and eyes on the budget, stop fretting. Spray Roses are here to your rescue. They come in as many colors as the real roses. All you have to do is clump them together to create the rose-like ruffles, and no one will be able to tell they're not real roses. And just so you know, they cost around one third of the usual roses.

6. Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria is one hidden gem. Not many people use this flower for weddings, which is all the more a reason for you to try it. It comes in colors like blushing pink, bright yellow, pale apricot, lavender, fiery red, and white. Mostly used as secondary flowers in bouquets, Alstroemeria coupled with a few ferns and buds, can work glorious wonders too.

Floral Advice

In addition, it's always wise to keep a few simple tricks in mind, which can help you save big bucks that you can actually use for a better honeymoon.

  • The florist is your friend - They know flowers better than anyone else. Just give them your budget figure, and they will give you the best you can get. They will tell you about cheaper (but equally lovely) substitutes to expensive flowers. If you ask nicely, they might also tell you about how to spruce up flowers so that less looks like more.
  • Know the seasons - Get a crash course in 'Flowers and When to Find Them'. Talk to the florist and save money by buying fresh flowers that are in season.
  • Find alternatives - Flowers are never the start and end of the wedding decoration or bridal accessories. There are a plethora of (cheaper) alternatives to look at. You just need to keep your eyes and mind open.
  • Find focus - If you want food to be the main highlight of the wedding, there's not much point in spending too much money and energy on flowers. You can easily keep the decor simple yet elegant. Things like music, food and location always take higher precedence. So, use them to your absolute advantage.

Keep your eyes open, do your research and you're sure to find something that will touch your heart and add that extra pizzazz to your wedding. Good luck!

Author Bio:

This article is contributed by Jack Peters, a customer support executive at Funky Bunches, reputed suppliers of flowers online in Perth. Jack is an avid traveler and enjoys spending his weekends with his wife and kids.

To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Modern Day Wedding Privacy

Not a day goes by when you log into your social networks and are faced with mountains of wedding pictures, status updates by excited relatives saying “proud of you hun! xx” or some rather tipsy sounding tweets from wedding guests who have decided to live tweet their former co-worker’s reception like it’s an episode of X Factor. Social media is now a huge part of weddings, with the average wedding guest on sharing 22 photos on Facebook or Instagram, and seven out of ten Twitter users posting while at a wedding (we haven’t looked at the post frequency to amount of champagne quaffed ratio yet).

Bride and Groom Social Media Etiquette

But what about the bride and groom? How do they feel about their big day being put online for friends of friends to gawk at with no input (or editing!) from the Mr. And Mrs.? Many young couples are embracing putting their big day online, with some establishing their own hashtag for their wedding to get a quirky, chronological chronicle from various guests in little 140 character chunks, or organizing a viral video to be made at their wedding (putting ‘wedding Harlem Shake’ into YouTube garners 400,000 results).

However, there has also been a recent turn in the tide of attitudes towards social media during weddings, even amongst young couples. Namely that it’s starting to be viewed as an uninvited guest in itself, and those that were invited are being encouraged to put their iPhones on lockdown, for the ceremony at least.

For many of us (and to the annoyance of the rest), social media has become a way of life, but many engaged couples are now making the unthinkable request of privacy and banning social media and even the use of phones at weddings!

First Dance

Gone are the days when phone bans only occurred at the weddings of pop singers who are selling ‘exclusive’ pictures of their special day to Hello magazine, the practice is now becoming more popular amongst ordinary couples, who want to reserve the ‘exclusive’ moment for themselves rather than Auntie Doris. More weddings are becoming a social media free zone.

It’s a fair ask, who wants their tender first dance to be on YouTube within seconds, or for guests to provide a snarky, blow-by-blow commentary on Twitter for you to read the next day? The magic of a wedding day can be lost even everyone is viewing it through a screen.

The prevalence of social media means that weddings struggle to retain a sense of intimacy and privacy. It can also be a recipe for disaster that can really throw a spanner into the delicate works of a meticulously planned wedding. Unflattering photos of the bride could be all over Facebook by the end of the day, smart phone flashes can ruin professional photos or special surprises (such as the bride’s dress!) could be ‘spoiled’ by an overeager future mother in law or bridesmaid posting a photo online.

Wedding Etiquette

Social media is a pretty new phenomenon (Facebook isn’t even ten years old!), and so it’s hard to gauge the social etiquette that revolves around a wedding. In most instances common sense is enough to go by, but brides are already planning ‘social media strategies’ alongside the wedding colors and buffet to make sure guests are completely sure when  and where it’s OK to tweet.

Amazingly, social media is already providing solutions to the issues it created. Terrified of unchecked and unflattering photos of the bride first thing in the morning before she’s had a lick of make-up or groom sneaking a cheeky cigarette to calm the nerves turning up on Mum’s timeline? Apps such as WeddingPics and AppyCouple allow your guests to log in and submit their pics for the couple’s approval. If that sounds complicated, a simple Facebook group is a great place to discuss the ins and outs of social media and submit photos.

Social media at weddings is starting to become a tricky subject. If you’re a bride or groom, make sure your guests are in the know and if you’re a guest, remember to put down the Smartphone for the really special moments in the ceremony, some things should be seen with our eyes, not our lenses.

Author Bio:

Zeenat is from She has worked as a writer within the wedding industry for a number of years and is now an editor with this up and coming online directory. She loves to write about wedding trends, unusual customs and celeb nuptials.

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Counting the Days: Bridal Beauty To-Do List

bridal beauty to do listIt seems like today’s bride could use list for everything! You have a checklist for the flowers, the food, and the deejay, but what about a list for your beauty? Here is your one-stop-shop for all things bridal beauty, and when to do what. If only planning the rest of the wedding was this easy!


6+ Months Before

  • Workout Regimen

Your wedding is the perfect motivation to start that workout routine you’ve been putting off! Start a routine as soon as possible so you can get in the habit of a healthy, active lifestyle, and start experiencing the benefits. Aside from weight loss, working out relieves stress, rids your body of toxins, and contributes to glowing skin! What bride doesn’t want that?

  • Multi-Vitamins

Taking your vitamins isn’t just for kids! Taking a daily multi-vitamin especially for women will help your overall health and prevent problems such as bone loss. Vitamins can also help you have shiny hair and clear skin! So grab a bottle of daily vitamins from your local pharmacy, and start getting healthy. It’s important to start this as soon as possible, since long term, consistent use brings greater results. Look for a vitamin high in calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin K, iron and zinc to help hair and skin, too!

  • Laser Hair Removal

If you are opting for laser hair removal anywhere on your body, start the treatments now. Many areas require as many as 6-9 sessions, spaced apart. Consult your hair removal specialist and set up a treatment plan as soon as possible to make sure you are hair-free for the honeymoon.

  • Skin Care Routine

No matter how great you (or your makeup artist) are at applying foundation, you need to have a clean, smooth canvas for the best results! If you don’t already have one, begin a skin care routine for both morning and night to achieve flawless skin. If you have more serious problems like aggressive acne, rosacea, or eczema, visit a dermatologist to start a treatment program.


2-3 Months Before

  • Hair and Makeup Styles

Put that Pinterest board and magazine-clippings collection to good use! Now is the time to decide what you and to do with your hair and makeup for the big day. You can decide this before choosing a stylist, or meet with a stylist/artist for a consultation and make a final decision with their help. If you are getting married during spring or summer, book your hair and makeup stylists earlier, since it is busy wedding season. You should also schedule at least one preview session to make sure you like the styles.

  • Professionally Shaped Brows

Your eyebrows are the frames for your eyes, so you need them to look perfect on your big day. Unfortunately, most of us have major trouble figuring out what shape of eyebrows fits our face, so hit up a pro for this service.

  • Tanning Methods

If you’re looking for a little darker color against your white dress, start researching and testing out self-tanners or tanning services. You absolutely cannot leave tanning to the last minute—there are too many ways it could go wrong (cue the infamous tanning scene from Bride Wars). Give yourself plenty of time to find the right shade and application for your skin tone.

  • Teeth Whitening

Your smile is one thing you can’t hide on your wedding day! You’ll be beaming from ear to ear all day, so make sure you smile is bright. If you are planning on a DIY tooth whitening kit, start it now so the full results will be visible by the wedding. If you are getting your teeth professionally whitened, make your appointment now. Even though you can get whitening done in less than an hour, it is best to do it well before your wedding in case there is any tooth sensitivity that you need to recover from.

  • Beauty Supplies

Purchase all of your necessary beauty supplies now—the last thing you want is a mad dash to the cosmetics store, only to find your fave mascara sold out! Head to the cosmetics counter and buy all of your makeup supplies, perfume, nail polish, hairspray, and shampoo products that you’ll need to look your best.


2 Weeks Before

  • Hair Cut and Color

Head to your favorite salon and get a nice trim and shaping. Don’t get too adventurous, though! This isn’t the time to try a new style—just stick with your tried and true cut. A two week-old haircut will have time to settle, but still look fresh.

  • Final Hair and Makeup Preview

If you are doing your hair and/or your makeup yourself, these next two weeks are go time. Practice makes perfect, so set aside a few times to practice doing your hair and applying your makeup. This will also give you a good idea of how much time you’ll need to get ready the morning of. If you are going to the professionals for your beauty routine, call and confirm your schedule for the wedding, and tie up any loose ends with appointments.


1 Week Before

  • Brow Touch-Up

Time to get a touch-up appointment for your eyebrows! Clean up your brows for the big day, whether with tweezing, threading, or waxing. If you’re nervous about doing it yourself, go back to the pro that shaped them originally, so she can keep the integrity of the brow shape.

  • Waxing

Take care of any unwanted hair at least 5 days before the wedding. You need to give your skin time to recover and lose any redness, especially if this is your first waxing experience.

  • Tan

Remember when you tested out tanning products a few months ago? Now’s the time to get that bridal glow. Apply your tan at least 2 days before the wedding so it has time to blend in to your skin.

  • Deep Condition

Freshen up your hair with a deep conditioning treatment the week before your wedding. This will ensure your hair has a shiny, healthy, and supple look to it on your special day.


The Day Before

  • Manicure and Pedicure

Schedule your mani/pedi session for the day before the ceremony. Too long before can lead to chipped nails, and doing them the day of can cause smudging and wet paint problems (hello…white dress). Take a relaxing moment with your bridesmaids and mom and enjoy a little pampering. Plus, then your nails will be perfect for the rehearsal dinner.

  • Relaxing Bubble Bath

The night before the wedding is the most vital time for relaxation and recuperation. You have a long day ahead of you, so take the time to rest up. Take a relaxing bubble bath or steamy shower the night before. This is also good for your hair—you want your hair to be clean, but not freshly clean, or else your style won’t have as much staying power.

The most important beauty tip is to just be yourself—after all, that’s who your fiancé fell in love with! Enjoy the day and don’t stress too much. You will look absolutely beautiful.


Author Bio:

Victoria Ramos is a business professional who writes about advances in her field, along with her other interests which include marketing and law. She enjoys writing, throwing parties, and researching new beauty tips and tricks, from teeth whitening at Saddleback Dental ( to tanning salons in LA.

3 Essential Items Every Bride Needs

Bride and Groom by What I Wore, on FlickrYour wedding day can be the biggest day of your life. It's the day you've been dreaming of since you were a little girl. Because of this you want it to be perfect. You want it to be everything that you dreamed of and more. The months spent planning, and getting every detail in order. However, there may be three things that you might be overlooking and you'll want to consider, if you want the perfect weeding.

In this article we're going to cover three essential items that you'll want to make sure you have as a bride.

1. Either teeth whitening or dental work

The pictures taken during your wedding day will last a lifetime. You'll want to have the most beautiful pictures possible and this means having a nice white smile to go along with. The last thing you'll want is to be looking at your pictures wishing that your smile looked a little better. It's not like you can simply re-do your wedding day.

It's important to take the time to either get some dental work done to fix anything you don't want to see forever, or to get a simple whitening procedure done. Getting your teeth whitened can be easier than you think, and will give you that much more confidence to beam your smile on your wedding day.

2. A massage before the ceremony

After the months of wedding planning you're going to be pretty stressed. You don't want to be frazzled or stressed before you walk down the aisle. This is commonly overlooked but you might want to schedule a massage the day before, or even the morning of. If you want to indulge your future husband as well you could get a couple's massage as well.

Aside from a massage you also might want to get other work done, including a relaxing day at a spa, or a facial. Just make sure it's something that relaxes you that allows you to decompress from all of the built of stress from the wedding planning process.

After all when you're relaxed your more confident and you'll smile wider and brighter.

3. Beauty products to last throughout the entire ceremony

You don't want to have to re-apply makeup throughout your wedding day. The best solution to this is to purchase long lasting makeup products that will stay perfect throughout the day. You'll be talking, and moving most of the day so you'll want your makeup to stay on your face throughout. Imagine not having to worry about re-applying your makeup on your wedding day. By using long lasting makeup you'll be able to forgo worrying about your appearance and can instead focus on enjoying yourself.

I hope this article has been valuable and contributed to the satisfaction you're going to feel on your wedding day. Your wedding can be the most special day of your life, make sure you have everything covered and the day can go off without a hitch, and you'll have nothing left to do except enjoy the festivities.

Author Bio:

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at Greenspoint Dental, a Houston dental office. Zane has been married for 1 year, almost exactly.

Gift Items Fit For A Special Wedding

Wedding Gifts by Fristle, on FlickrToday, it is not easy to buy a gift fit for a wedding. It is possible the individuals have lived single with their own places for some time and might not be in need of a lot. However, it does not mean a boring or unbecoming gift should be given to them.

While there are lots of wedding gifts out there and immense ideas to make use of, getting a wedding gift that can make the couple feel unique and appreciated is very important, especially through personal gifts.

Before you go out shopping, it is important to familiarize yourself with the rule of thumb governing what you should spend on any gift fit for a wedding.

Luxury In Bed

Many people frown on the idea of getting pillows and sheets as wedding gifts. However, those who have been into luxury hotel beds will tell you otherwise; especially if they spent the night on soft and quality linen that makes getting out of bed an almost impossible affair. By getting them quality pillows and sheets you will be giving the married couple a chance to protract their honeymoon at home since they make the bed decadent and very relaxing. Go for those sheets with a lot of thread count and very smooth to the touch.

Stand Mixers

So many wedding registries seek a lot of requests for stand mixers for different reasons. Some look at it as a very important tool to own and fit for their kitchens but even those who do not intend to cook much look into the stand mixer as a device that can stand strikingly on their counters since it is a quality kitchen accessory. You can add some personal and creative touch by including a number of baking recipes fit for a family. A couple that already has a mixer will appreciate a pasta roller to give them a chance to make fresh and wonderful pasta any time they want to. Other attachments to include are citrus juices and ice cream makers.

Special Spread Dates

Today, the marriage advice people know and appreciate is that dating should never stop and treating each person in the union well. To help the couple in keeping the dating spark alive, get them a lot of chances to go on dates together during the first 12 months of their marriage to attend something like live games or movie theaters for upcoming films. You can also find a mix of events and festivals and get them tickets so that they can have a chance at new experience.

Honeymoon Delights

It is possible you really wanted to make it to the wedding and present your gift yourself but could not. Even sending a gift might not have been possible. Sending them a belated gift is a wonderful idea that will not go unnoticed. The couple might have returned from their honeymoon and back to bills, errands and work and you can return them to sweet memories of their honeymoon by getting them regional flavor delights such as food baskets from where they vacationed.

Author Bio

Rose is a lifestyle blogger who has earned her reputation of being a lifestyle product critic over the years by writing amazing reviews of products and blogging about them. She frequently reviews porcelain wedding gift items from thechinaman.

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