Pink Wedding Flowers

Brides can incorporate pink wedding flowers with so many fantastic color schemes so I thought I'd put together a collage of some of my favorite bridal bouquet and reception centerpiece selections. Whether you are having a pink and white; pink and chocolate; pink, black and white; or a pink-accented weddings, you have numerous choices when it comes to pink flowers. Pink is a classic, feminine flower choice that is known to signify love and romance so what better choice for a wedding?

You can see some of my favorite pink flower choices in the photo below.  If you are on a budget like most brides, then you should consider the season when selecting your pink flowers.  For instance, tulips are obviously much more affordable in the Spring, while hydrangea blooms are more affordable in mid to late summer.  Other lovely choices include gerbera daisies, carnations, stargazer lilies (my favorite), peonies and of course roses.  Pink flowers also work well in mixed bouquets when you want to incorporate a few other colors.  Their versatility makes pink one of the most popular colors for bridal flowers today.  And how appropriate that this is being posted on Valentine's Day....the perfect day for pink!

For even more great pink wedding bouquet ideas, visit the Martha Stewart website.


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