Black, White & Red Wedding Cakes

Add a Splash of Romance to your black and white wedding... Use red accents on your wedding accessories and of course, on your wedding cake! A classic black and white color scheme can sometimes be a bit stark and boring if it isn't done correctly, but you can avoid the "boring" label by using an accent color like red. You can see in the montage of photos below that when it comes to the cake you can go in a wide range of directions.

Want a bit of whimsy? Consider a topsy-turvy style wedding cake where the layers appear misaligned and seem to tilt as though they might fall over at any minute.  For good cake bakers, the threat of a great topple is truly an illusion.  Another way to bring in a whimsical touch is through the use of interesting patterns such as retro polka dots, diamonds, or stripes.

Prefer to have a classic style? No problem, use red roses as accents on and around the cake.  Or use a classic pattern that is applied on the white fondant such as toile, damask or any type of elegant scrollwork.  The cake in the lower left corner of the collage that utilizes pearl-shaped modeling chocolate along with black bows around each layer would be a great choice for a classic, elegant black and white wedding.

If you had a Las Vegas wedding and are throwing a celebration party when you get home, a black and white cake with red accents will tie in the Vegas theme perfectly.  After all cards, dice, and poker chips all play off a black, white and red color scheme.

A classic cake or one with a bit of whimsy?
No matter which one you choose, red is always a great choice with black and white.


Photo Credit: Black & White Wedding Cake Ideas


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