To Buy Or Not To Buy Diamonds Online – That Is The Question

To buy or not to buy imageThere is no doubt about it.  Today, an increasing number of people are buying their engagement rings and wedding rings online.

By the same token, however, most online diamond retailers understand that buying diamonds online does not suit everyone’s tastes. Spending thousands on something that you can’t see or try on before buying can put even the most internet-savvy shoppers off.  In addition, buying something as personal as an engagement ring can be difficult to do "at a distance".

So, why is it that more and more people are turning to the internet to buy their diamonds?

First and foremost, the internet provides a wonderful self educational tool, whether you are in the market for an engagement ring, new car or sofa.  Most people nowadays want to get an idea of what constitutes a ‘good deal’ and, more than anything else, understand their subject.  Few people will venture into the market for a $5,000 engagement ring without at least getting a basic understanding of the 4Cs of diamonds, which is the mechanism by which diamonds are graded around the world today.  The level of education and advice about buying diamonds available online today is fantastic, providing consumers with the ability to self-educate to a level never seen before.

As you brush up on your diamond knowledge, you’ll then encounter a world of online diamond retailers.  Because of the high ticket values, these website are often glossy, with high resolution images, incorporating all the latest marketing and graphic techniques to entice the customer.  After all, few people would buy an engagement ring from a website which was poorly constructed or maintained.  Some of the tools available to consumers today are wonderful, such as the ability to be able to view different designs of engagement rings in 3D rotations, videos and magnified images, for example.  Some even provide a virtual hand image with the ring, showing how the finished engagement ring will look on your finger.  Therefore, the need for you to even visit a jewellers shop is eradicated.

Perhaps the main benefit of buying online, however, comes down to one thing.  Price.

Any retailer with physical ‘bricks and mortar’ premises will have high overhead costs.  These costs are for the rental of the property, a shop window full of diamonds, display cases and a safe full of diamonds inside, 7 day a week staff costs etc, all of which adds up to a hefty cost which needs to be paid for.   By whom?  Well, the customer of course.  These costs are built into the price you pay for your engagement ring in the shop.  As a result, you’ll find that most online diamond retailers are significantly cheaper in price than normal jewellers.  Furthermore, the fact that there are hundreds of high quality online diamond retailers in one ‘virtual’ space means that prices are incredibly competitive, which again is great news for you.

Diamond-RingThe list of reasons for buying diamonds online goes on and on.  The main factors have been mentioned above, but what about the fact that when buying on the internet, you don’t have a pushy salesman on your back, and the fact that most online diamond rings are made to order and haven’t been sitting in a shop window for months on end, and probably tried on and rejected by a number of couples before you.  What about the fact that many online diamond specialists such as for example offer consumers the ability to choose your perfect diamond from over 100,000 worldwide at the touch of a button, rather than trying to sell you something that almost matches your requirements from their existing stock.   And finally, what about the fact that the level of personal advice, expertise and guidance provided by most online diamond specialists is second to none.

Of course, you have to choose well.  Like anything, there are not-so-reputable diamond retailers out there, both online and in the high street, so make sure you buy certified diamond rings, and ensure that all the relevant supporting documentation, warranties and after-sales service are in place, and you can’t go far wrong.

One Response to To Buy Or Not To Buy Diamonds Online – That Is The Question

  • Elaine says:

    I've seen customers save thousands of dollars by purchasing a diamond online. Just make sure the company is reputable (a BBB accredited business with a good rating, shows their physical address on their website, has a phone number you can call, etc.) and offers a reasonable return policy. It is also best if the online store has knowledgeable diamond experts on staff who have been trained and schooled in this field and are able to inspect the diamond for you.

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