Fuchsia & Orange Beach Wedding Inspiration

Dare to be different! The typical beach wedding color scheme usually incorporates a sandy brown or an ocean blue and normally these really are my favorite beach wedding colors.  However when I saw this unique orange and bright pink color scheme used for a beach wedding, I was blown away and wanted to share it with all the Here Comes The Blog readers as soon as possible. After all, some of you may be planning your beach wedding right now!


The above fuchsia and orange wedding inspiration board was submitted for a contest on Dessy.com. Colleyberry's collage of images includes photos of the bridesmaids all dressed in simple orange and fuchsia dresses along with the groomsmen who wear khaki pants and white shirts. I can't tell you how much I love the "jumping" photo. The freshwater pearl earrings in a posie pink color and the taffeta flipflops in sunrise orange or rose quartz are also a nice touch. For the reception, brides can bring the color scheme to the celebration by utilizing fuchsia and pink chair sashes and centerpiece flowers such as Gerbera daisies in a color scheme that matches perfectly. Finally, use those same flowers on the wedding cake along with Swarovski crystal accented monogram letters for the wedding cake topper. Stunning!

So if you are planning your beach wedding, I recommend considering this unique color scheme....you'll definitely make a statement!

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5 Responses to Fuchsia & Orange Beach Wedding Inspiration

  • Hecate says:

    The photos are fantastic. I love how the colors of the bridesmaids give life to the photos. Not to mention the bouquets which are equally stunning. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

  • madeline says:

    Nice blog, thanks!

  • Kelly says:

    The photos are really amazing, i am getting married next year and would love to use this colour scheme. I am having trouble finding the chair sashes, dress style & thongs in the fuschia pink & orange. Can you suggest where i might find these items? I can generally find the chair sashes online however the fuschia is more purple and the orange is never as bright as your photo. Any assistance or information that you could provide to me would be great.

    Many Thanks

  • Jessica says:

    Does anyone know what color orange this is?? I love it.. I am getting married at the beach and I'm also using fuschia pink and orange.

  • becky says:

    OMG i love this colour scheme, i'm getting married on a beach next year and am seriously considering these colours, thank u for sharing this, were did u get these vibrant colours from please?

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