White Gold Bands and Rings are a Timeless Choice

White-Gold-Wedding-RingChoosing a wedding ring is one of the most important decisions a bride and groom will make together as a couple. Considering the options of yellow gold, white gold, and platinum is the first step in making this endearing choice. For decades, white gold has been the leading choice with brides followed closely by yellow gold as a popular and affordable second choice. The price of platinum is cost prohibitive with many couples’ budgets, and white gold rings are a comparable substitute for the look and feel of platinum. Titanium bands offer men a rugged look and are gaining popularity in the jewelry market. They are inexpensive and offer a perfect solution for keeping in line with budget restrictions.

Traditional bands for brides and grooms have always been very popular in white gold. Silver tones in jewelry, wedding and ring bands, and all types of jewelry pieces have become very trendy with many who prefer the subtleness of silver rather than the showiness of yellow gold. It is well know that yellow gold is softer and needs some extra care, while white gold is more durable and will keep its shape through years of continuous wearing in all kinds of conditions.

Take the time to visit several jewelry shops and try on the different finishes offered. White gold is many times a choice because of skin tone and hair color. There will be countless styles in white gold and yellow gold with a lesser number in platinum, sterling silver, and titanium. If quality is your goal, white gold is the appropriate choice for wedding and engagement rings, class rings, and dinner rings. The combination of a diamond or gem stone set in white gold is stunning and holds its value for a life time.

Decide on a price point and keep in mind that at a later date, a larger stone can be set in the original white gold setting, if so desired. Many times rings will be upgraded for special occasions and wedding anniversaries and remounted in the same band for sentimental reasons. Investing money in a white gold band is a wise choice for savvy jewelry shoppers.

Browse online jewelers to get an idea of price and style. Read information concerning the differences between white, yellow, and platinum for bands. Lifestyle and price point may dictate the buyer’s choice. Nickel is an alloy commonly used in white gold. Some people, roughly one in eight, experience a mild allergic reaction to nickel. Speak with jewelers about the alloys contained in any white gold ring or band being considered. There are other alloys and gold combinations that make up white gold that do not cause any skin irritations. Ask questions with the jewelry experts concerning the choice of a white gold band or ring.

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