Rustic Country Wedding Inspiration

Whether you are planning a wedding in the big sky country of Montana or in the shadow of the Appalachian mountains of Tennessee, look to this mood board for some true rustic country inspiration. Whether you choose an outdoor ranch with a large meadow or the interior of a local barn as your venue, you can utilize any of the ideas shown in the following board.


Every country boy knows that you can't leave home without a pair of Wrangler blue jeans so having the groom in a pair of these jeans with his cowboy boots and hat is a no brainer.  Many country brides choose to wear their boots and hat as well (although some also go for a casual hair-do for the ceremony and switch to the hat for the reception).  If you are having your wedding in an open meadow, then the groom arriving on a horse like Prince Charming is a fun addition to the ceremony.  Denim dresses and corduroy blazers are casual options for the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Create a casual inviting atmosphere at your reception by utilizing hand-made quilts like the one shown in the upper left to cover the benches or haybales (you can do this at the ceremony as well).  White-washed picnic tables set in a long rows are a great way to set-up a casual reception area.  Utilizing glass canning jars for the table centerpieces can also be fun....just fill them with a small simple arrangement of local wildflowers.  Big jars of iced tea (sugar and no sugar) are always a big hit with Southerners.

Finally, although this isn't shown in the board, I love the idea of using a "Wishing Tree" constructed from twigs with leaf-shaped wish cards rather than a traditional guest book at country style weddings. Oh, and don't forget to choose some truly rustic wedding favors to top it all off.

Photo Credit: Big Sky Wedding by Angelise07

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