Vegas Themed Wedding Cake Ideas

Whether you are planning an actual Las Vegas wedding or you've just eloped and are having a big party back home, this collage has lots of fun ideas for incorporating the theme into your wedding cake.   Personally I associate Vegas with fun so all of these cakes are a bit whimsical.  If you are more of a traditional bride, rest assured that you can find elegant, upscale cakes for a Vegas wedding as well.


Some fun decorations for a Vegas themed cake are the classic "Welcome To Las Vegas" sign, dice made from red or black fondant with white dots, playing cards (spade, heart, club, and diamond shapes), roulette wheels, and slot machines with lucky number 7's displayed or coins spilling down the side of the cake.  Another really fun idea for a Vegas themed cake is to use round tiers with each layer decorated as a different colored casino chip.  You can customize the "chips" with the bride and groom's names in place of the normal Casino name usually written on real gaming chips.

I always recommend finding a great local baker to make your wedding cake so if you are getting married in Vegas, but don't live in that area, contact a few popular Vegas bakeries like Freed's Bakery or do a search on google for other cake bakers in Las Vegas.  In any case, you should ask them to send you cake samples.  You should ALWAYS taste your wedding cake flavor before you purchase it so that you don't end up disappointed on your big day.  There is nothing more disappointing than having a cake that looks great, but tastes terrible.  If you are planning the reception for your own town, you should follow the same advice.  Take photos of some Vegas cake designs that you like along to your cake bakery appointment so that the designer has a good idea about your preferences.  And be sure to set up a cake tasting appointment to so that you can find the perfect cake for you and your guests.

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