3rd Annual $100,000 Dream Wedding Contest

Updated: July 30, 2010

Dream Wedding Contest

Want to have a glamorous hollywood style wedding with someone else footing the bill? Here is your opportunity!  WeddingChannel.com and Us Weekly have launched their 3rd annual dream wedding contest.   Top A-list wedding experts will help the winning couple plan their entire wedding along with WeddingChannel.com.  Then the winner will be profiled in Us Weekly magazine with all kinds of photographs and of course all the wedding details.  This is a huge contest with millions of votes cast each year so get on the bandwagon and submit your contest application today!

Here are the details:

Today to July 29: Enter the contest at www.usmagazine.com/wedding

Today to August 3: Enter the contest at www.usmagazine.com/wedding

August 6 to August 13: 10 couples will be announced online, and America votes for their favorite couple

August 17 to October: The Dream Wedding winning couple is announced online and the wedding planning begins!

Don't forget to let all your engaged friends know about the contest too!

5 Responses to 3rd Annual $100,000 Dream Wedding Contest

  • My sister is getting married next year. I really want her to have the wedding that she deserves. She has been through a lot since she was a little girl. How do I enter her into a contest to have her DREAM wedding.

  • joel says:

    I want to win a dream wedding for my parents, they do so much for me and my siblings they have bee married for 19 years and want to have a big wedding. The only reason they feel they cannot is because they worry about us money wise we cannot afford it can anyone make my parents wish come true.

  • sarah says:

    my fiance and i were supposed to get married june of 2011. As my luck would have it i got very ill and was hospitlized for many months. The wedding had to be cancelled due to medical bills and not enough time to plan, and of course my health. So we are trying to get back on track and get it going again, feb 18th is the big day. (that is if everything goes right this time around)

  • andrea says:

    My name is Andrea and I want to have a dream wedding with my high school sweetheart Andrew. Andrew and I are married and have a daughter named Paige. We got married May 28, 2011. I did not have a wedding dress or anything you have for a wedding. My friends and family were there to see us get married on top of a hill looking out over the town. Andrew and I can not afford to have the wedding of our dreams and we want this more then anything. I want to have the experience of having a real wedding and having the wedding of my dreams. I really really want this opportunity it would mean the world to me.

  • Nicole Scott says:

    My name is nicole I want to have a dream wedding. I have two kids and I work very hard as a c.n.a. My fiance also work hard. I have no parents so it makes it really hard for me. I have always dreamed of having a big wedding this will our first wedding and also the last. I have never wanted something so wonderful as this. It make us very happy.

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