Couples Wedding Shower Theme Ideas

Image by tsuacctnt on FlickrIn days past, it was only the ladies who gathered to shower a bride with gifts before her wedding. Traditionally, the bridal shower was for brides who intended on marrying an unsuitable man whom her parents refused to acknowledge. So, friends would offer to shower her with things she’d need in her new life as she had no dowry to offer. Times have changed, and now it’s an all out festival of congratulations for both the bride and groom. So, if you’re in charge of planning a Jack and Jill, (planning a couples shower) where do you start?

Know their Tastes

If you know the bride and groom well enough to be throwing them both a shower, you surely have some great ideas in your head already. How did they meet? Where do they like to spend their free time? What are their hobbies? You might have a bicycle themed party if they love to ride bikes or a tennis party if they hit the courts every weekend. Did they meet on a cruise? Have an ocean liner shower. Ask around. Family and friends who know them will have ideas to offer as well. Don't forget to incorporate your theme into your wedding shower invitations, it will set the stage for the events to come!

Cake Topper By Wedding Favors UnlimitedThe Sports Shower

This theme works well if both the bride and the groom are interested in sports. Do they both love Hockey, Basketball, Baseball? Put together a sports-themed shower! You can base your party around the game and have everyone come in hockey jerseys. Or if they love the Red Sox, have everyone come in team attire. Order up some golf wedding favors for a special touch. Again, this is a fantastic theme to keep the guys involved, but if it’s a sore point with the bride to be, don’t go this route.


Go Hawaiian! Everyone loves a luau. You can get the honeymoon mood started early by hosting a shower complete with grass skirts and drinks in coconuts. There are some fun decorations and props that will make having this theme a cinch.

Guys and Dolls

Go musical. Have everyone come in costume from West Side Story or Guys and Dolls or South Pacific. Choose a movie or musical that everyone will know. You can have costumes on hand for the bride and groom if it’s going to be a surprise. Carry your movie theme out with popcorn and DVDs playing in the background. Have fun snacks on hand like movie candy and paper cups with straws.

Flickr image courtesy of DoctorWhoKaraoke Party

You can keep the fun going all night with a Karaoke shower theme. Serve the food on old records and offer props like giant cutouts of microphones and song lyrics. If you’re having it at a restaurant with a Karaoke system, make sure there are songs everyone will feel comfortable singing. If you’re bringing in your own machine, you’ll definitely want a selection of songs that span the ages. You can go wild with this theme. Have singing notes on paper plates and napkins. Add a disco ball and have someone come as Elvis to kick off the fun.

Little Rascals

If you’ve got a fun loving bride and groom to work with, this theme is a good idea. Base the shower around baby pictures of the couple. Ask the moms or other family members to dig out some cute or embarrassing baby and youth photos. Then go to town. Have an elementary school classroom set up. Set up a table to look like a teacher’s desk. Serve the food on chalkboards. Offer kid-friendly snacks like Oreos and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. If you can find old lunch trays, or borrow them from a school, that would make the day even more authentic. Get smaller milk cartons and provide open lunch boxes to hold chips. If you can, have the bride and groom’s baby pictures printed on napkins or labels or favors to tie the theme together. You might even want to use iron on transfer paper and make the bride and groom t-shirts with their baby pictures on them.
Would you consider having a couple's wedding shower? Or maybe you've already had one. What are your thoughts?


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