Tuesday Shoesday!

Pink Bridal Shoes by Nina Women's Galvey   Oh the time is here again to highlight some beautiful wedding shoes. This week, I chose to go with a subtle pink, because pink is a hot color in weddings right now and even if it's not part of your color scheme, any bride can pull off the hint of pink to add a little spunk to the dress.

Right now, pink is being paired with chocolate or aqua, and these would tie in the colors wonderfully! Even if you like the shoe, but not the pink-factor, Nina also makes them in ivory which any bride could love.  I adore the touch of ruffle on the backs to soften up the look and make them very cutesy.

Designer: Nina

Style: Galvey

Colors: Pink, Sage, and Ivory

Cost: $79.00 (see them here)


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