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Seashell Themed Wedding FavorsWho hasn't dreamt of getting married with her feet in warm, white sand with dazzling blue water forming the perfect backdrop? Seaside weddings are romantic, whimsical, and casual. Maybe the sound of the surf even helps calm brides' and grooms' nerves. A seaside blue color scheme provides a breath of fresh, seaside air whether or not your wedding is anywhere near the beach. Here are some ideas for bringing the ocean into your big day.

When choosing a seaside blue wedding, your accent color will be very, very important. A very trendy, refreshing combination is blue and orange. This isn't usually a combination we see, but for seaside weddings, it is light, airy, and incredibly fresh.

The colors are reminiscent of tropical skies and seas and luscious, juicy fruit. How does this look in a wedding? Imagine the bride wearing a sparkling white dress, tied with a brilliant blue sash. Her bridesmaids wear knee-length blue dresses with white sashes. White accents can also be added at the neckline and hemline for contrast. Bridesmaids could also wear a lovely orange-coral dress with blue sash. The flowers are tropical and lovely: the attendants carry bouquets of yellow, orange, and red flowers, while the bridal bouquet is a colorful combination of all of these gorgeous, vibrant tones.

Photo by Benimoto on FlickrThe colors can be incorporated into your cake: a blue fondant cake with orange roses, delicate gold scrollwork, and white beading will look elegant and fun at the same time. A white cake can be decorated with bold Hawaiian style orchids and flowers or a lovely, sophisticated white eyelet cake can provide a nice contrast to the vibrant blues and oranges of other details.

A combination of seaside blue, yellow, and navy blue is also very elegant. The contrast can be dramatic in centerpieces, and yellow always imparts a very fresh feel. For instance, you can arrange a vase or box of bright daffodils adorned with a dark blue and white striped ribbon. The addition of fresh lemons makes the perfect table accessory. White and yellow daffodils look great tied with a seaside blue ribbon, and a dash of navy or light blue will add a fabulous touch of contrast to the bridal gown.

Seaside blue and green are another beautiful combination, and you can really play up the seaside theme with multiple shades of smooth sea glass in your centerpieces, floating candles in blue-tinted water, and ethereal paper lanterns. Tint your cake pale blue or green and adorn with sea grasses, starfish decorations, shells, or simply a classic strand of pearls. Perfect favors for your guests are small blue-green boxes of salt water taffy, bath favors or beach candles.

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To play up the casual feel of a beachside wedding, have wedding flip flops made for the bridal party, add a sash to a simple slip dress, put vases of white sand with starfish and seashell accessories on your tables, or simply use children's beach toys for a fun, playful feel. No matter what accent color you choose, pillar candles wrapped in raffia, hurricane lanterns, blue glass, shells, and other accessories will provide a breezy beach feel that you can dress up or down to suit your preferences.

Whether your beach wedding is on the sand or a thousand miles away from the coast, you can create a warm, inviting, and refreshing atmosphere that you and your guests will enjoy.

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  • Bristol Wedding says:

    Blue Ocean and Red Coral are great colors for a seaside wedding =)Blush pink actually also fits well. A tip for a seaside wedding cake is a seashell. Shells can be done in all sorts of ways. If you want an understated hint of oceana for your cake, think about a white on white seashell design. An elegant variation on this is blush pink shells tinged with gold edges. =)

  • Jaymee says:

    Does anyone know where i can find the wedding dress in this blue and coral collection 2nd picture on the top. I am in love with this dress and cant find it.

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