A New Trend Photobooths at the Reception

Image courtesy of matt.hutchinson on Creative CommonsWhat’s the latest fun trend in wedding photography? The photo booth! That’s right--just like the ones they have in malls and arcades. Couples are now renting photo booths to add to the spontaneous and festive atmosphere of their weddings.

What’s the allure of the photo booth? Maybe it’s that guests love that they get to be themselves and make silly poses inside the privacy of the booth. It’s a time to let loose and show off your real personality. And guests also like the immediacy of the results. They can take their photos with them to remember the event. Another special touch would be picture frame favors. These are great keepsakes that play off each other well.

Sure, you’ll still have your formal photos taken. But you’ll also want to step into the booth and take some crazy pictures as well. Make sure to encourage older or shy guests to get involved in the fun too. And offer to pose with your guests in the booth. After all, you are the star of the day.

Pull off a photobooth with a custom backdropSo, how do you go about having a photo booth at your wedding? Simple. You can either hire a booth or set up your own.

If you want to hire a booth for the event, just keep in mind that they are expensive. If money is no object for you, then go ahead and contact local vendors who will bring the booth to your reception site. Ask ahead about how long you can keep the booth (you don’t want it being dragged out in the middle of your reception) and how many photos your guests can take. A good photo booth vendor will have all the details for you. You can find these people online by searching ‘local photo booth rental.’ Make sure you get a picture of the booth you’ll be getting well in advance. If it’s ugly and beat up, you may want to select a different vendor.

If cost prohibits you from renting a booth, why not make your own? All you need is a camera with a flash and some creativity. Hang a custom photo booth backdrop or use a white wall at the reception hall. Set up some props like a chair or bench and maybe an urn full of ivy. Put the camera on a tripod and attach a remote to it. (They sell remotes in camera stores or online). People can come by at their leisure to pose and snap their own photos. The secret to making this fun for everyone is having the area somewhat secluded so people can feel free to be themselves. Use a digital camera and have a printer ready to print your guests’ photos instantly. Make sure you have enough ink and photo grade paper to last the night.

Images courtesy of Flickr's dustinj

Guests will love the idea of doing their own photo shoot rather than being photographed stiffly by your professional photographer. You can keep copies of all the photos just by asking everyone to leave you a print in a basket by the printer.

Whether you rent or set up your own photo booth, you’re going to have a great time with friends and family. Plus, you’ll be right on trend with all the couples in the know who are making this the newest wedding craze. Add a zany personalized and choreographed dance to the reception and you’ve got a hip and happening wedding that’s very 2011.

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3 Responses to A New Trend Photobooths at the Reception

  • My husband and I own a non-traditional photo booth company in Kansas City and in the last year we've seen a huge up-swing in brides wanting a photo booth at their wedding. It's such a fun way to add a unique element and a really affordable party favor to your wedding. My only piece of advice is to remember that when you DIY it's a lot of extra work and stress, and you don't get photos printed on the spot for your guests. Look for a non-traditional photo booth company in your town. They tend to be much more affordable and they can fit more people in the booth. For ideas on what to look for feel free to check out our website: http://agoodtimephotobooth.com/

  • John says:

    Photo booths are starting to catch on in thew UK market now

    JMF Disco
    Wedding DJ and Mobile Disco

  • Sarah,

    You hit on several of the trends that we are seeing as well in regards to photo booths. We are finding that brides are getting a lot more involved in what they want as props and really working on making sure the guests are aware of the booth and they really want the guests to take advantage of the booth. While the picture frames are really great guest gifts we find that some brides cannot afford them. What we do is have the brides buy the "business card magnets" at their local office supply and then cut them into 4 magnets. Then each person can attach the magnet (they are sticky on the back) to the photo strip and have a really nice keepsake. We at Top Hat Photo Booths Indy really try to help the bride meet her expectations with our booths and are happy to help them same some money.

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