When It Comes to Wedding Rings, Size Does Matter

Wedding rings have been used for thousands of years: our gorgeous platinum, titanium, gold, and silver bands bear little resemblance to their humbler papyrus and hemp predecessors, but the symbolism remains largely unchanged.  The ring stands for eternity, and it has become an integral part of any wedding ceremony.  While a symbol of love, it is also a visible sign to others of your relationship.  Does size matter when it comes to wedding rings?  If current trends are any indication, then the answer is definitely yes.

There has always been a social cache attached to big diamond engagement rings for women, either as a symbol of status or a way to one-up their friends.  These are now left best as diamond ring table decor for fun at the reception instead. This year, however, big bling has made an exit, replaced by much more simple, understated wedding bands.

Photo by WIREIMAGE - NYpost.com (Click to see article)

Photo by WIREIMAGE - NYpost.com (Click to see article)

Trendsetting New Yorkers are eschewing showpiece diamonds for two reasons: to avoid being judged by other women, both for having diamonds that are too small and for appearing ostentatious, and because of the economic downturn. Simply put, outrageous diamonds are bit embarrassing.  Claudia Copquin, award-winning journalist, author, and wedding blogger, says, “Why go around with a massive diamond on your hand.  There’s no need to make any kind of statement.”  A-listers, like Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep, have made the thin wedding band one of the most chic and desirable wedding accessories for brides today.

Rather than going for size, today’s brides are opting for colored gems.  Michael O’Connor, jewelry and style expert, says, “Whether it’s a black, yellow or blue gemstone, colored engagement rings set in platinum are becoming increasingly popular since they are non-traditional, unique, and eye-catching.”

As far as the wedding band itself, many brides are choosing a slim, unadorned band that will complement, rather than overpower, their engagement rings.  Another option that many are turning to, particularly when price is an issue, is an engagement ring and wedding band set.  These are typically less expensive because the diamonds tend to be smaller.  Again, the trend this year is towards a less ostentatious presentation.

Image by Lel4nd on Creative CommonsWhat about men?  While women are simplifying and slimming their rings, men are tending to go with thicker bands.  This works particularly well for men with large hands and builds.  If you have a less burly build, a slimmer band will look better.  Practicality is another big trend in men’s rings.  Not only are they being designed with comfort in mind, such as with curved interiors, they are sized based on the needs of the man.  For instance, those who work with their hands or participate in extreme activities often choose a wide, unadorned platinum band, which offers much greater durability than gold rings.

Colored gemstones, particularly diamonds, are popping up more and more in men’s wedding bands.  These are usually round or square cut and set flush into the ring to provide a great hold.  These, too, tend to be a bit on the thick side.

Ultimately, though, the size of your ring depends on your personal taste.  There is something to be said for not following ring trends, particularly if you plan on wearing your wedding band for life.  Choose what you love and what symbolizes your union.  Whether that is a giant 14k diamond engagement ring or a subtle platinum band is of significance only when it comes to your enjoyment of it.  If you want to show it off, you know you’ve chosen the right ring.

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  • Juan Pablo says:

    Thanks for sharing.......But, it totally depends the taste and varies person to person. I bought engagement ring from Bodaplanet. It is a square shape diamond with gold ring and i love that one.

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