Winter Wedding Flower & Centerpiece Suggestions

Winter is known for it's beautiful white fields, snow covered trees, and warm crackling fires.  Having a winter wedding can incorporate items that traditionally would not be thought of for wedding decorations.

When decorating for a winter wedding, your colors might include white, purple, and blue, centerpieces might even include ice sculptures, ice like stones in clear, blue, and purple hues, or even heavy, soft fabrics such as faux furs incorporated as small table runners.  Candles of all shapes and sizes can also be used as centerpieces and are often more beautiful in winter than at any other time of year.


Image courtesy of mathplourde on FlickrPine trees are the one of the most recognizable symbols of winter.  Pine products can be brought in to incorporate winter wedding themes.  Pine boughs can be used as wall decorations, and pine scented candles, and pine potpourri packs can be used to adorn tables.  Burning pine logs in a fireplace can provide that same scent naturally, if that is a possibility at your location of choice.

You might, if this is a Christmastime wedding, even decorate an actual pine tree in typical Christmas garb.  Furthermore, mistletoe, poinsettias, and pine cones can decorate doorways and even centerpiece settings.  Stones of crystal and other clear material can be set with snowflake candle favors to give the winter wonderland effect.  Or, if you are not in a setting that provides a real fireplace, consider faux fire with flame-like strung lights.

Color and Texture

Colors that can accompany the centerpieces may include browns, maroons, velvet reds, and royal blues.  These colors bring warm feelings to their surroundings.  The faux fur mentioned before could even be used to create thrones for the bride and groom, or to ring the table cloths. Wall coverings could be almost medieval in design, with long drapery and flag like coverings.  All give the feel of warm, inviting, winter settings.

Image courtesy of Davidbrokenshire on FlickrIce sculpture

Before you look for ice sculptures, make sure the budget is there for these pieces of art.  Ice sculptures are beautiful and can certainly bring in the wow factor to any gathering, but they also tend to be quite pricey.  The nice part is that these one-time sculptures will also pick up the colors of the room and reflect them in a prism-like way, which will really add a sparkly element to the centerpiece.

Flowers of the Season

Image by aussiegall on FlickrIf you want a way to decorate the table for your winter wedding while pleasing the guests, then you might also consider potted plants of traditional winter flowers.  The obvious choice would be poinsettias, which most frequently come in whites, reds, and pinks.  However, there are other wintery options.  For instance, white roses give the feel of winter, but also have a glamorous appeal.  There is also a flower called the star of Bethlehem, which has fragile white petals and a unique style that can provide a touch of surprise to any centerpiece.

Whatever way you choose to incorporate these elements, ultimately a winter wedding can be as beautiful, if not more so, than the more traditional summer weddings.  The textures, color palettes, and natural elements, like fire and ice, provide a feeling of romance that cannot always be achieved in the warmer months.

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