Fake Cake Budget Secrets

Image by whataweddingmn.comIt may be a first for you to hear, or maybe you've heard of it before, but the newest in budget weddings is staging a 'fake cake'. Basically there are all kinds of companies out there that rent these super-realistic Styrofoam cakes with fake icing on them. The cakes look gorgeous and can literally cost half the price of a real wedding cake.

How does it work? Well the cake stands as a display on the cake table throughout the wedding reception. The option is to make the top layer of the cake, a real layer that is cut for your pictures and then served to your wedding party. The beautiful 'fake cake' is wheeled back into the kitchen and everyone else gets sheet cake that they'd never even guess was any different than the beautiful display you had for all to see.

Image by Patricia Oliveira on FlickrObviously sheet cake from your local baker is going to be loads cheaper, and might even taste even better than you'd expect. The best part about staging a 'fake cake' is the fact that you'll save money and it's something that no one will ever know! (Until you start bragging afterward, of course.)

There are online shops that ship the cakes to you for a fee, or your best bet might be to try to find a cake rental shop locally. This way you don't need to pay for shipping, and you can just pick it up and drop it off.

Another option is to buy the 'cake dummies' yourself and add fondant to make the whole cake yourself to your own style. These 'cake dummies' are surprisingly cheap! You can find some for great prices here... And of course when you're finished you can add your own personal touches like your wedding cake topper or pretty flowers.

Oh yeah, and one last thing. You won't have to worry about your half-cousin's wild nephew knocking over and ruining the cake. Now that's pretty nice.

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