Wedding Superstitions

Image by Kim Marius Flakstad on FlickrIn olden times, people, often uneducated and illiterate, were very concerned about bad luck. When it came to weddings, they were even more afraid that something might happen to the bride and groom. So many wedding superstitions arose around that fear. Also, many happy traditions survived the years and are brought to the modern wedding as well.

What the Bride Sees

What the bride sees on her way to the wedding is a foreteller of what her married life will be like. If she sees a lamb or frog, it’s said to be good luck and she’ll have a happy life. Pigeons, wolves, and ducks are also luck bringers as are clergymen, policemen, and blind people. If the bride sees sunshine and a rainbow on her big day, this is the best luck of all. Finding a spider on your wedding dress is also thought to be the best of signs. Snow falling on the big day means prosperity and lots of children to come.

A bride should hope never to see a funeral procession, pig, or lizard on her way to the church.

Image by Jessica Higgins on Creative CommonsThe Groom

The groom should give everyone he meets a coin on the way to the wedding. It is hoped that he did not cross paths with a nun, monk, or blind or pregnant woman on his way to propose. That would mean bad luck. It is also bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her gown before the ceremony. The groom should carry his new wife across the threshold of their new home together to protect her from evil spirits.

Other Traditions

A sugar cube tucked in the bride’s glove or a penny tucked into her shoe are both thought to bring years of good fortune.

A newlywed couple should plant an evergreen tree directly outside their house as a symbol of fertility and luck.

The pearl engagement ring is thought to be bad luck because it resembles a tear.

The reason married people wear their rings on the fourth finger of their left hand is because it was believed that the vein in that finger led directly to the heart.

A sapphire in a wedding ring is good luck as is Aquamarine.

Brides in England did not always wear white. Queen Victoria started the white wedding dress trend in 1840. Before that, a bride would simply wear the best dress she owned.

Snakes with ruby eyes were popular wedding rings long ago because the coil of the snake around the finger suggested fertility.

Brides are supposed to carry something old on their wedding day to stay connected to their past.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

A wedding veil is worn by a bride to ward off evil spirits. Bridesmaids used to all dress like the bride to confuse the evil spirits about which one was the bride.

In many cultures, the bride and groom’s hands are tied together with an eternity knot to suggest their togetherness. This is where the term “tying the knot” came from.

The bride was made to stand to the left of the groom in olden days so the groom had his right hand free to fight off would-be scorned suitors.

The Roman goddess Juno was thought to preside over childbirth and health, so that is how June weddings became the most popular month for weddings.

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