How to Decorate a Wedding Arch

Photo by Hamner_Fotos on FlickrMany brides and grooms choose to incorporate a wedding arch into their wedding ceremony or reception. Whether you’re hosting your wedding outdoors in a backyard, at a fine resort, or indoors in a simple ballroom, you can have the arch you’ve always dreamed about.

Outdoors, you can go big and bold with your arch and wedding reception decorations. Think about the setting. Is it on the beach? Bring your arch down to the sand and set it up. Have palm fronds decorating it or pick your favorite flowers to drape over it. Just secure the flowers with floral twine so they don’t blow away in the wind. That goes for any arch. Secure the flowers even if they are indoors so they don’t get bumped and knocked over.

You can find lightweight arches at just about any home supply store. They come disassembled so they are easy to carry and transport. You set them up at the reception most times by screwing poles together.

Cover your arch completely with swags of either silk or real flowers. Or leave some of the metal exposed and drape tulle around it for a glowing, gossamer feel. You may want to drape ornate hanging flowers so that you look like you’re standing under something that would be found in a magical fairy woodland. Your florist can help you decide on a design.

Your arch may be part of the landscape already in place at a reception hall. In that case, ask the hall what they typically use to decorate it. They may have seasonal flowers or lights and you’ll save yourself some expense and time running around.

If your arch is indoors, you can set it up so that as people enter the ballroom or dance area they pass under it. You can do this with satin and lights or flowers in your theme colors. The indoor arch need not be as fancy as the outdoor one as you are going to have your tables and other wedding centerpieces to accent the room as well. Sometimes all you need is a drape of fabric and a few swags of flowers.

Consider having an arch as your photo station if you are offering wedding photos. Sometimes couples set up a digital camera on a tripod or have a photographer set up near an arch to take guests’ photos (kind of like at the prom). You can do this, too, with a simple arch decorated in your wedding colors.

Incorporate a small, fabric draped table under an arch for your guest book. Guests will wander over to see what it is and you’ll be sure to get lots of signatures. Or you could house your gift box there. Guests can drop their gift cards into a slotted, decorated box that’s on a table under an arch. It’s a pretty way to discreetly place your box. While guests are marveling at the beauty of the arch, they’ll remember to drop off their card.

There’s no saying arches have to be made of any certain material. Have one made of bamboo or evergreens or wood wrapped in fabric. Have one entirely made of topiary bushes cut to form the arch. Go with a square shape or round, it’s up to you.

Think outside the traditional when going with an arch. It’s your day so make your arch unique and personal.

Images courtesy of glokbell, Fuzzy Gerdes, and VirtualErn on Creative Commons


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