Bridesmaid Luncheon Ideas

Bridesmaid luncheons are a fun way to say thanks!If you want to host a luncheon for your bridesmaid gifts, you’ll need some ideas to make it fun and lighthearted. After all, these are your best pals and some of them have had to travel and go to great expense to get to buy the dress, stay at a hotel, and purchase your gift. This is your chance to repay them with a fun thank you luncheon.

Hold your luncheon as close to the date of the wedding as you like. If all bridesmaids are local and there’s no traveling involved, have it a few weeks before the wedding. If a few of the bridesmaids have to travel, you should have it no more than one day before the wedding. The afternoon before the wedding is a great time to host a bridesmaid’s lunch because everyone will already be there and they will have nothing to fill their time before the rehearsal dinner.

Keep the theme of your bridesmaid luncheon focused on pampering your bridesmaids. You can have it at a spa which includes lunch with its manicures, massages or pedicures. Just be mindful that some of your bridal party may have already gotten their nails done at home for the wedding, so offer a facial, massage, or make up application as options.

Another place you might host your luncheon is at a mall. Find a restaurant that won’t be overly crowded at the time you want to have your lunch. The anchor chain restaurants often have enough room to accommodate your whole party in a private area. Ask and book well in advance. You don’t want everyone standing in line the day of the party.

Have fun with your luncheon. Include shopping around the mall for last minute items the girls may need or just for window shopping relaxation. The girls will love it. Some brides like to include their mom as well as the mother of the groom in the bridal party luncheon. It just makes it more cozy and inclusive, especially if the groomsmen and dads are off playing golf or having their own afternoon party, the moms will have somewhere to go.

Try not to plan anything too strenuous as the guests have to be perky for the night’s rehearsal dinner.  Also, try not to force everyone onto the beach or out into the sun for the luncheon. They may get sunburned and then not only be in pain, but they won’t be happy with their lobster red appearance in the wedding photos.

Some other ideas include having the party at someone’s home. It can be at your mom’s or your own home if you have the room. You can do spa facials or just hang out and read magazines or watch funny movies. It’s girl time and you should serve yummy treats. If it’s the day before your wedding, don’t stress yourself by trying to make all the food. Hire a caterer to bring food in or visit a warehouse store that specializes in party platters and cakes. You can buy everything you need the morning of the party or the day before.

Have little gifts on hand to thank your bridesmaids. You can provide bridesmaid gifts or treat bags that have bottled water and little snacks for the hotel room, or you can give them earrings that they can wear at the wedding or a nice bracelet.

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