Wedding Cake Trends

The secret to the perfect wedding cake? Make it unique and personalized to your tastes. Gone are the days when you had to go all white with nothing but a bride and groom wedding cake toppers on top. Today’s cakes are over the top with color splashes and the most outrageous designs.

One big trend is to use bold colors that no one would expect. Brides are going with bright purple cakes or vivid green. Any color goes and a good bakery will do anything you ask.

Another trend is the toppling cake. These cakes are designed to look like they are about to tip but are actually very sturdy. Think Alice and the Mad Hatter’s party cake. These kooky cakes are actually lovely and can be done so that they stand out as a marvel of cake engineering.

Array of Wedding Cakes

Flowers on cakes have hit new heights. Brides have long added flowers to their cake tops. But now flowers are cascading down the entire cake, wrapping around it and even being done with a mix of real and silk flowers.

Jewelry is in style now. All the finest cakes are wearing it. Cake decorators are now using rhinestones and pearls on their cakes. The finished products are attractive and really have a bling to them that you can’t get any other way. Of course, the jewels are removed when the cake is cut, but it’s a lovely way to decorate a cake that’s different from anything your guests will expect.

The cupcake trend is huge these days. Brides are opting for tiers of cupcakes rather than a full wedding cake. When stacked, they actually do look like a big wedding cake. Up close, guests will see that they are actually cupcakes. Some brides opt for the cupcake display as part of a coffee bar and then have another wedding cake off to the side for cutting and decoration.

Image by clevercupcakes on FlickrThe ornately decorated fondant cake is still going strong. Martha Stewart made the smooth fondant cake into an art form that is being taken to new heights by bakers who seem more like fine artists. The Wedgewood cake is now very popular. Cakes are being covered in smooth blue fondant and decorated with white cherubs and latticework like a Wedgewood vase or tea cup. It’s stunning to look at.

Cakes in the shapes of animals are big now. If you’re a Texas couple, a long horn cake may be just the thing. Met at the zoo? Go for an elephant cake. These cakes aren’t just decorated with the animal, they are the animal. Cakes cut into odd shapes have been made popular by The Food Network’s show Ace of Cakes. Now brides are asking for cakes in the shape of their school mascots, their dog or cat, and even animals that the couple both favor or are meaningful to them. The bakery then carves out a cake shape to look like a 3D version of the animal and ices it to near real-life perfection. Air brushing frosting tints can add details that are stunningly realistic. You can also opt for a giant shoe or handbag or any shape that you like. The groom also can have a say with his motorcycle or favorite car done in icing.

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