20 Great Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Image by danesparza on Creative CommonsEveryone’s in the same boat during hard economic times. If you’re planning a wedding, no doubt you are looking for ways to save money. There are many ways to cut costs that will not impact the beauty of your day. Look for some ways in addition to these to save even more money and you’ll come out with money left to spare.

1.      Go with silk flowers.
2.      Go without wedding favors.
3.      Choose a less expensive cake or go with cupcakes.
4.      Cut the guest list down.
5.      Forego the expensive invitations and make them yourself.
6.      Borrow items.
7.      Go for a vintage wedding dress.
8.      Skip the rehearsal dinner.
9.      Make it a morning wedding and have a brunch.
10.  Skip the open bar.
11.  Offer only one cocktail choice and only non-alcoholic drinks.
12.  Choose a cheaper location for your wedding.
13.  Buy less expensive wedding rings.
14.  Cut your bridal party down to a maid of honor and a best man only.
15.  Have friends sing, DJ, make your cake or provide any other services that they can.
16.  Ask companies to barter their services. You provide a service to them and they provide one of your wedding services.
17.  Enter contests that provide free weddings or honeymoons.
18.  Postpone an expensive honeymoon until your one year anniversary.
19.  Choose to serve just appetizers and cake.
20.  Host a more casual wedding at a relative’s home.

Weddings don't have to break the bankThese are all great ways to save money on your wedding. There are ways to put on a wedding that’s elegant without being overly expensive. You can skip things that are optional like favors. Go cheaper on the reception decorations. No one is even going to notice. Make use of seasonal items that are already in place such as potted flowers at your reception venue. Anything that’s going to be a huge budget item like an open bar should be renegotiated. You can bring your own liquor in or just offer beer and wine.

There are definitely ways to trim your wedding budget without seeming cheap. If you can’t find ways that are agreeable to you, perhaps you can postpone the big wedding until you are more financially set and do a smaller wedding with just immediate family now. Or you could ask for a loan, but that should be your last resort. Paying back wedding loans can take years and you don’t need that hanging over your head in your new marriage.

No one expects anything of a new bride and groom. It’s all based on what you can comfortably afford. So take your budget into account and then scale back where you have to. No one will even notice half the things you cut out. As long as your guests are well fed and comfortable, there’s no reason you can’t pull the whole thing off without going into debt.

A charming and memorable wedding does not have to cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Borrow where you can and take friends up on favors. There’s no shame in asking for help. It can be the best day of your life with a little help from friends and family.

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One Response to 20 Great Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

  • Mark says:

    A cheap way to save money is to ask the guest to bring a bottle of wine for the meal or Sparkling wine for the toast. Alternatively you could hand-out a wedding gift list with things like flowers for the church, table flowers for the tables, wedding limousine, the brides dress, wedding dress, etc.

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