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If I were to be able to do my wedding over, I'd choose this wedding scheme. As a big fan of vintage concepts and romantic colors, these designs are beyond lovely to me. A new 'wine' color has been picked as a color of the year for 2011, and it's not hard to see why. It's vibrant and full of life for any occasion, especially for weddings. Best of all, this color scheme can be used in any season! Picture this as a Summer wedding, Fall, Winter or Spring! It works for them all.

Wine and Pink Wedding Color Scheme - Images by

You might be wondering what color(s) would go well together with this so called, 'wine'. Or, better yet, you're probably not wondering because it's right in the title of this blog post. Hence, a wonderful complementary color for wine is a petal pink. In this inspiration board from, there are all kinds of ideas for how to make the colors work. Whether you choose one or the other to be the main color for bridesmaid dresses, or flowers, there are plenty of ways to make the other color just as beautiful and dominant in your wedding color scheme.

How about your groomsmen? Well, the traditional tux color is black, but with these soft colors, you could really go for a khaki, tan, or a light gray even! Or, if you'd still like it to seem formal, you can still opt for black tuxes.

What about the wedding cake? Choose a color for icing/fondant, and use the other color for decor. Pastel pink is a gorgeous color for a cake, so why not accent that with wine-colored flowers, ribbon or pearls? Don't forget another complementary color in this romantic color scheme; and that's brown. Any shade of brown, really.

With all these colors available to you, there's no possible way to go wrong! What do you think of these colors together? Would you use them for your wedding?

P.S. I know I said this color scheme is great for any season, but wouldn't it be the perfect Valentine's Day wedding??

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