Daisy Themed Wedding Ideas

Photo by kimberlykv on FlickrIf you’re in love with daisy flowers, you can incorporate them into many aspects of your wedding. If you are having one of many Summer weddings when daisies are plentiful, wonderful. If not, you can still use silk daisies for your accents. They’ll last forever. You may want to do a combination of both since florists can now get daisies any time of year.

The daisy is a sweet white flower with a yellow center. That’s what most people think of when they think of the kind of daisies that grow wild. But did you know that there are many shades of daisies from bright red to bright orange and even all green? Make use of the many colors of daisies and you can add pops of color all throughout your day.

Start off with your attire. You can either wear a daisy crown and a veil or you can choose a dress that features daisies in either beading or silk flowers. Don’t be afraid to add silk daisies to your waistline or place them in your hair.

Image by kimberlykv on FlickrThe cake is another place that it’s lovely to add daisies. You can have them cascading down your cake in bright shades or fall colors. Or you can have a yellow cake with white daisies adorning it. The cake shown here was actually found on Flickr, it is so stunning that I had to add it to my daisy wedding inspiration board on Dessy.com - which you'll see below.

Your garter can be a crocheted daisy pattern. If you know a handy crafter who likes to crochet, ask them to make one for you. If not, you can find them online.

Of course, incorporate daisies into all your printed materials. From your save-the-date card to the invitations and table cards and programs, you’ll want to have daisies to carry your theme throughout it all. You can either have light daisies printed on vellum paper or have a card printed in black and white with a daisy motif.

Have bubbles instead of rice, which has been known to harm birds, at your ceremony for the sendoff. The tops of the bubbles can have silk daisies on them. If you can’t find them ready made at a wedding supply store, it’s easy to add a silk daisy bud to each small bottle of white wedding bubbles.

The flower girl will of course want to carry a basket of daisy petals, real or silk, to throw as she comes down the aisle. She can also be adorned in a sweet outfit featuring daisies. She can wear a daisy crown and her basket can be adorned with silk daisies. A cute idea for her dress is to have an overlay made in gauzy fabric that actually contains silk daisies inside it. She’ll look like a walking flower patch and everyone will ooh and ahh at her adorableness as she comes down the aisle and runs around the reception.

Daisy Wedding Theme

Your shoes are another place to add daisy accents. Clip-on daisies work well but you can also do a subtle sandal with rhinestone daisy accents.

Cupcakes at your reception can have daisies done in icing. Their entire tops can feature one big daisy bloom. Place them on stacking trays around the dessert table, or put one at each person’s plate for a really cute favor idea.

When all is set up, your daisy wedding accessories will look like a charming romp through a peaceful meadow. Everyone will sigh with delight.

For more yellow wedding ideas, see our post on Going Yellow With Your Wedding.

2 Responses to Daisy Themed Wedding Ideas

  • What a beautiful cake! Daisies are so lovely. Yellow means cheerfulness, so i hope that the couple who picked this motif would be very happy all their life.

  • lillian says:

    So creative wedding, and i love daisy a lot. By the way, i am just working on some themed wedding, so may i use your pictures on my blog?
    It will be my great honor, and of course, i will indicate the source.

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