What to Pack in Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Image by Mat Honan on FlickrCareful planning can prevent most wedding day emergencies – like not having your rings or failing to bring waterproof mascara.  But no matter how well prepared you are, there are little situations that arise that can go from a little inconvenience to a major problem in no time.  A blister, for instance.  If you are ready with a Band-Aid and a little pad for the back of your shoe, you’re all set.  If not, then your walk down the aisle may become a hobble down the aisle.  To prevent this, and other day-ruiners, it is a great idea to have a wedding day emergency kit. What should you pack, besides those Band-Aids?

Your wedding emergency kit should be customized to meet your needs as a bride (or groom.  Grooms can have emergencies, too!).   Assemble the following:

  • Brush or comb
  • Hair spray or extra hair product, pins, etc.
  • Dental floss
  • Extra panty hose if you’re wearing them
  • Tissues (a wedding handkerchief might be a little more elegant)
  • Mints
  • Compact mirror
  • Makeup essentials, such as blemish concealer, lip color, mascara, and foundation
  • Perfume or scented spray
  • Legal documents (don’t forget the marriage license!)
  • Antacid and pain reliever
  • Photo by KRO-Media on FlickrHand lotion. Your hand is likely to appear in more than a few photos, so make sure it’s looking pretty!
  • A small sewing kit, which includes needles, thread, and safety pins. Add a roll of double sided tape, which can come in handy for quick hem fixes and other potential emergencies.
  • White chalk. If you get a spot or stain on your wedding dress, don’t panic.  Dab it over with chalk to mask it.  Also make sure to ask at the dress boutique or your seamstress what to do if you spill something on your dress.  Should you get out the club soda or baby powder?
  • Deodorant.  It’s a stressful day; smell your best.
  • Tampons or pads.  Even if you are nowhere near your period, it is best to be prepared just in case for yourself and your bridesmaids.
  • Wet wipes and/or stain removing wipes.
  • Cell phones and important phone numbers.
  • Healthy, energy-boosting snacks, such as fruit and granola bars.
  • Chocolate.  Brides tend to get frazzled and stressed out on their wedding day.  Relax with a piece of luscious dark chocolate.  Just don’t get any on your dress.  But that’s what the stain removers are for, just in case.

A man’s wedding day emergency kit will of course be a bit different.  He won’t need the makeup items.  The groom or best man should have a kit containing:

  • Extra black socks
  • Brush or comb
  • Cologne
  • Corsage pins
  • Shirt buttons
  • Extra engraved cufflinks
  • Lint brush
  • Quick sewing kit with buttons, needles, safety pins, thread, and small scissors
  • Shoe polish

Basics like breath mints, deodorant, legal documents, cell phones, phone numbers, and other must-haves should be tucked into both brides’ and grooms’ kits.

You can purchase pre-made wedding emergency kits, but it is just as easy, and much less expensive, to assemble your own.  The bride or groom can do this themselves or delegate to a dependable attendant or parent.  In either case, make sure to put in items that will provide you with a bit of comfort on your big day.  We mentioned chocolate, but you may find that lighting a lavender candle helps or having a sip or two of champagne.  Everyone’s emergency kit will be a bit different, but with the basics, you’ll make it through your big day looking and feeling great.

For more details on your wedding preparation, read this article on 10 Ways To Personalize Your Wedding.

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