Wedding Cake Topper Trends

Wedding Cake TopperThe wedding cake topper is often one of the most unique and personal items that the bride and groom will get to choose. But it’s also one thing brides often stress about. Forget the days of plasticine, poorly painted toppers that looked stiff and uncomfortable. Today’s wedding cake toppers are beautiful and original.

Consider your hobbies when picking a wedding cake topper and also your uniqueness as a couple. If you’re not the traditional couple, why have a traditional cake topper?

Today’s couples are choosing cake jewelry more and more as their cake toppers. They’ll have splashes of faux jewels in the shape of hearts, butterflies, rain drops, star fish or any other shape they can think of. Often, they are suspended by wire and placed into the cake for a waterfall effect. Also, rhinestone hearts with the couple’s new last initial will be featured on top of the cake. Or three letters are sometimes used for the couple’s first initials and a larger last name initial. These monogram cake toppers are really cute yet glamorous.

Cake Toppers

The brides and grooms on today’s cake toppers can be made from glass, acrylic, porcelain or really well done plastic. Many couples are choosing small pieces of sculpture for their cakes. The sculptures are more realistic, show the brides and grooms in more detail and can even be customized to look like the bride and groom. Many brides even go so far as to have their actual wedding dress recreated for the figurine on the top of the cake.

Fishing groom cake topperPoses are now all the rage. You may see a bride chasing after a reluctant groom on the top of the cake or a groom on bended knee kissing his new bride’s hand. The sculptural aspects can range from funny—think a guy fishing off his wedding cake while the bride looks on in mock disapproval—or sentimental, like a bride and groom in a picture frame as the “picture perfect couple.”

Many wedding cakes are now going without toppers too. Flowers are being used as sculpture. Fresh flowers can be arranged by either your cake decorator or your florist into a lovely presentation that requires no additional adornment. Some cakes even go without flowers and just have edible gold or silver jewels to dress them.

Gone are the days when you had to choose a cardboard figure off a shelf. You can shop for lovely wedding cake toppers online and find a variety of looks and styles that will perfectly suit your tastes. You’re not limited to Caucasian brides and grooms anymore either. Cake topper companies have now gotten wise and offer a wide range of ethnicities to choose from.

Cake Toppers

Today’s cakes are anything but ordinary. Your cake topper should be extraordinary too. Use your favorite colors, theme or personalities to come up with something really different. There are even skeleton brides and grooms these days, so anything goes. Go all out and your friends and family will definitely remember your topper. Make it yourself or shop online. Nothing is too wacky or too funky. Go for what really speaks to you and you’ll be right in keeping with today’s trends.


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