The Essential Wedding Playlist

Image by derekskey on FlickrWhen you’re planning a wedding reception, music is an crucial factor to consider. There’s the romantic first-dance track to pick, the classics, the ones to sing along to, and generally a whole evening to fill with perfectly appropriate music that will get even your grandparents up and dancing.

The first question to ask is what to choose: a band or a DJ? Well, both can be equally catastrophic. A band could be great because the live element always makes the music more special and spontaneous. You can even request your favorite songs. But equally, they could know none of your requests and be incredibly poor musicians. Take this painful example from The Wedding Singer where the band turns into a nightmare and effectively ruins the whole wedding:

A lot can go wrong with a DJ, as well, as shown by another equally painful moment in Love Actually where the hired disc jockey repeatedly fails to play a decent track. This culminates with him putting on Puppy Love and being pronounced ‘the worst DJ in the world’. However, DJs have the slight advantage of being easier to control – you can even provide them with a pre-made playlist. Plus, if they put on a disagreeable track, you can always go over and request that they quietly fade it out. DJs are also a little less expensive, so there’ll be more to spend on the honeymoon!

So, you’ve gone with the DJ. What next?  Well now, it’s time to plan the ultimate wedding playlist. For your first dance, make sure you choose something personal – a song that helped you find love together. Apart from that, just make sure you add these ten classics to the list:

Track 1. Mr Brightside The Killers

To sing along to with all your friends…

Track 2. Chasing Cars Snow Patrol

To hold your lighters up to… (but not if in a tent)

Track 3. Don’t Stop Me Now Queen

To dance energetically to… (without falling over in your wedding heels)

Track 4. (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life Franke and the Knockouts

To make your mother-in-law cry, and to try out your very own dirty dancing choreography…

Track 5. Don’t Stop Believing Journey

To have your very own Glee moment to…

Track 6. Final Countdown Europe

To get people on the dance floor…

Track 7. YMCA The Village People

To have everyone doing the actions…

Track 8. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow Carole King

To waltz to, and have a private romantic moment…

Track 9. Stand By Me Ben E King

To sing passionately along to with your friends before breaking down and sobbing in a corner…

Track 10. Angels Robbie Williams

To end the night with in a many-armed hug…

Whether you’ve met through online dating sites or through friends, your big day deserves a carefully planned wedding playlist – just make sure you include all the classics.

5 Responses to The Essential Wedding Playlist

  • Sabina says:

    The play list is essential for your wedding ceremony and is so hard to satisfy each of your guests.

  • John says:

    Some great suggestions.

    JMF Disco
    Wedding DJ and Mobile Disco

  • Cookie says:

    You have made some excellent suggestions to guarantee a great time for all. A diverse list will touch the soul of each of your guests and make the day memorable for all that attend.

  • Ach says:

    nice suggestion, must add some of it on my play list.

  • ann says:

    Perhaps, before you invite your guests you need to set the appropriate variations of the songs in your playlist. It must be pleasing and gratifying to both teenagers and adults. Your suggestions will do.

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