Wedding Flowers for Every Season

Image by mindluge on FlickrA wedding is one of the most important occasions in your life, along with giving birth and moving house. Organizing a wedding takes an enormous amount of preparation and hard work, but inevitably one of the most important things about your wedding is your wedding bouquet. There are a massive amount of seasonal flowers to choose from, dependent upon the time of year you are having your wedding ceremony and it pays to visit all the reputable flower shops available to you. All good flower shops will offer a tremendous amount of help in choosing the right bouquet, not only to look stunning but to convey the right message and of course will assist with any flower delivery that you may need to organize for that distant relative.

It may be that you have preconceived ideas about how you would like your wedding bouquet to look, or a particular flower that has meaning for you or your partner, but whatever your ideas all good flower shops will have advice on the best flowers to suit your color scheme, or your dress, right down to choosing the right bridal bouquet shape.

Flower delivery will need to be discussed and a time and place arranged. It may be that you would like your flower delivery to be to your home and all the guests that need buttonholes and such can pick them up from there, or it may be that you prefer to have them pick up any flowers from the flower shops themselves. Of course, someone will need to arrange flower delivery to the wedding venue, be it yourself or the florist.

To keep costs down choose a bloom that is in flower during the season that you are getting married, for instance, Spring wedding bouquets will offer a vibrant, colorful, cheerful stunning arrangement of color. Tulips are often favorite with brides at this time of year. Stunning shades of red, pink and yellow in a hand tied affair will compliment any bride and color scheme.

However, roses are the more traditional choice and a combination of cream and white flowers are often used, though more and more brides are opting for additional colors such as lilac and red.

The shape of your bouquet is also an important factor. Once chosen the flower shops will guide you on the different shapes that are available and which flowers are best suited to that particular shape. One of the most popular choices would be the classic teardrop shape, or a cascading bouquet. The shape tends to be roundish, graduating to a point and roses look absolutely stunning in this way. There are many other shapes to choose from, such as a hand tied bouquet, the pomander, or a posy, all of which are stunning by design.

Don't forget when ordering your wedding flowers it is traditional to give the bride and groom's respective mothers a bouquet of flowers and these are generally left at the wedding venue until they are required at the wedding breakfast.

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  • Common understanding about bouquets are just for throwing for the next bride to be. Every element of wedding ceremony has a purpose and meaning. I remember my mother often say that wedding is sacred.

  • Anna says:

    Not to freak out, but I GOT ENGAGED LAST NIGHT! After nine years. We've been together since we were 15 and last night he proposed in a giant Hollywood studio. It was amazing. I have my go-to ten favorite wedding sites and I just had to come and share the good news. I'm a stylist and I have a celebrity fashion blog but today it's sorta turned into a wedding site. Would love if you checked out the dream proposal. Love you site. Thank you for all the inspiration. xoxo

  • Niccole says:

    On a positive note, many more fresh cut flowers are becoming less seasonal and available year round. Tulips and peonies are two examples of wedding flowers where year round availability is almost guaranteed. Brides will be happier since many prefer peonies for their bridal bouquet.

  • Aden says:

    Well you can even try artificial flowers for the occasion. They work well and as good as wedding flowers. Just my 2 cents

  • karen millen uk says:

    Hi There Herecomestheblog,
    Neat Post, If you are searching for summer wedding flowers, rest easy and know that you have a world of options open to you. From traditional favorites to exotic tropicals, the summer season offers a huge selection of colors and flower varieties.
    Nice One!

  • Wow! Such a really nice post. Thanks for sharing this to us. Thumbs up!!

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