Dressing for Wedding Season

It’s that time of year ladies! Time to gear up for countless summer parties ranging from weddings, bridal showers, baby showers and birthdays. I personally love the opportunity to put on fun summer party dresses and to spend time with people I love outdoors. If you haven’t thought about what to wear, or if you’re not sure what the dress code for the occasion might be, this is the post for you. I’ve gathered a few pieces from David’s Bridal at affordable prices for a few popular summer occasions. David’s also has a maternity wear line so if the baby shower is for you, you’re in luck as well.

The most popular: Weddings

Weddings can be tricky to dress for. You don’t want to out-shine the bride or the bridesmaid, but you want to look your best also. Here are few options for casual, semi-casual, and formal weddings.

Casual: Although the wedding is casual, you still want to look nice. Casual doesn’t mean jeans and a blouse for most weddings (but who knows?). I recommend bright colors and patterns. Casual means fun, outdoorsy, and laid back. Ruffled and funky patterned dresses are great for a casual wedding.

Casual Wedding wear

Strapless Charmeuse | One Sleeve Charmeuse | Chiffon Dress with Ruffles

Semi-formal: Semi-formal weddings are the trickiest, but aim towards the more “formal” part of the dress code. Choose a formal material such as silks, sheers and chiffon to create a formal appearance. To tone it down, find a cut that is original and a color that is bright and summery. Flower accents and one shoulder numbers are perfect for semi-formal weddings.

semi-formal dresses

One Shoulder Stretch Satin Dress | Strapless Satin Dress | One Shoulder Chiffon Dress

Formal: For formal weddings, always fall back on an LBD, but a classy LBD, not the one you wear to girls’ night out. Find a cut that is simple and fresh. Although it is true that you should not wear white to a wedding, a cream color can be very flattering and classic.

Formal wedding wear

Black Spaghetti Strap Dress | Ruched Stretch Taffeta Dress | Short Beaded Shimmer Dress

As far as birthdays, baby showers and other casual event go, here are a few options. Pair any of these dresses with a cardigan to make them more casual.

casual - baby shower etc

Ruched Jersey Dress | One Shoulder Mesh Dress with Iridescent Top | Short Taffeta Dress

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