How Much Should You Spend on Bridal Party Gifts?

Personalized Cosmetic BagYour bridal party is a very important part of your wedding day. They’ll be indispensable helpers scurrying around taking care of small details. So, how do you repay them?

While no bridesmaid or groomsman expects a gift, you’re probably going to want to give something memorable and unique as a token of your thanks. The gifts can range from large to small. But what dictates how much you spend?

With times being as they are, brides and grooms are often paying for their own weddings. Every penny is accounted for and often the couple has worked long hours of overtime to come up with the cash to host the wedding they want. So, the biggest deciding factor in how much you spend on bridal party gifts is your own budget.

If you can afford to, spend $100 on each member of the bridal party. That’s a nice round number that will give you many tasteful and elegant options. But if that amount makes you cringe, there’s no rule that says you have to spend any set amount. It’s up to you.

Cut Corners Elsewhere

Consider your big expenses. Chances are the bulk of your cash is going for the reception. You’ll have to pay for meals, alcohol, decorations, a band or DJ, the cake, and more. Where can you pull from your budget for favors and gifts?

If you’re trying to trim down your expenses so you can spend more on your bridesmaids gifts and groomsmen gifts, a good place to start is with the bar. Who says you have to have an open bar with every kind of liquor imaginable? Why not pare that down to wine, beer and soda? That will save you a bundle. Then you can splurge a little more on your bridal party.

Another good place to cut is by doing the decorations yourself. You’ll save a bundle if you do the wedding centerpieces yourself out of natural or crafting materials. And if you can manage to do all the flowers through a wholesale florist, you’ll save another bundle.

Gold Deckled Printable Invitation KitHow about wedding invitations? Why not order a wedding invitation kit online and make them yourself? You'll save lots and they will still look great.

If you’re still coming up short, why not do the music yourselves? Download tunes to your iPod and plug it into the restaurant’s sound system. You’ll save tons that you would have spent on a DJ or band. Of course, the results won’t be exactly the same. But perhaps an outgoing or funny brother or uncle could take over the mic and emcee for the evening to make it a little more professional?

There are many ways you can pinch a few pennies in order to get your bridal party some really nice gifts. But in the end, you can give a thoughtful gift without going overboard. Only spend the amount that feels right to you. After you’ve factored in all the other expenses you will have, then consider the gifts. If you’re getting stressed  by all the money you are spending on everything else, keep the bridal party’s presents down to a small memento. There are wonderful bridal party gifts you can find online at a discount that are every bit as thoughtful as a more expensive gift. Get creative. You can make scrapbooks of your fun times together or give snapshots in nice frames. And in years to come, your party will remember the great time they had and not just the gifts they got.


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