How to Write Wedding Thank You Notes

Who still hand writes their thank you notes? If you’re raising your hand right now, good for you! They mean a lot. True story- I received a hand-written thank you note just today and it made me smile. The short but sweetly written note of appreciation from my friend meant a lot to me. And, it will mean a lot to your wedding guests too!

Snapshot in Time: Thank You Card via MagnetStreet Weddings

Recipe for Writing Thank You's

1. Everyone who sent a gift should receive a thank you note.

2. Keep it real. Keep it sincere.

3. Take your time to avoid spelling errors, etc.

4. Both bride and groom should share in writing their thank you's.

5. Send thank you's to your wedding party and parents.

Optional: Send thank you's to the vendors who have done an exceptional job realizing your vision.

How soon should they be sent?

Life gets busy right away after the honeymoon so I suggest you write them as soon as possible- within 2 weeks – 1 month. If gifts come before the wedding, send your thank you cards right away.

What do you write about?

It’s always courteous to mention the gift and perhaps how you will use it. What else? Acknowledge anything special about the guest or the sacrifice they made to come to your wedding.

Helpful tips in writing your thank you notes:

  • Coordinate your thank you's with the rest of your wedding stationery to round out your look.
  • Whenever you receive a gift, use your guest list to record who gave what.
  • If the gift came damaged, no need to mention it to your guest
  • Find a comfortable place to write and a use a really great pen.
  • Set a goal to write a certain number of thank you notes each day.

An Example

Dear Uncle Jake and Aunt Kitty,

Thanks so much for coming to our wedding.  It was so great to see you and we really appreciate that you traveled to be with us on our big day. Thanks also for the custom picture frame. We love it and can’t wait to choose the perfect wedding photo for it.


John and Susan

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