How to Thank Your Bridesmaids

After all the time and money these girls have spent to make your wedding memorable, it’s your turn to give something back to your lovely bridesmaids! The only question is “what?”

There are many routes to go when deciding on what to give your bridal party. Each gift can be personalized and unique, or they can all match one another. Maybe even a little bit of both. Some brides do a little DIY project to show their gratitude, and some go all out. Either way – it’s up to you.

Pamper your  bridesmaids

Tips and Ideas on Bridesmaids Gifts

  1. Budget! Remember that you are still the one holding the wedding. Make sure your bridesmaids’ gifts don’t affect your wedding budget. It’s still your day, so don’t sacrifice one to make another one happy. There are ways for everybody to win! If you are really tight on budget, go the DIY route. Or scour the internet for deals and sales to maximize your savings! Some online retailers, such as ShopNBC, offer payment plans such as ValuePay. And don’t forget coupon codes!
  2. If you want to get your bridal party matching gifts, ensure that your Maid of Honor gets a little something extra. After all the extra work she’s put in, she deserves it. For example, if you’re getting your bridal party silver necklaces, show your appreciation for your MOD with a bit of gold jewelry!
  3. If none of your bridesmaids are alike, get them something different. Let’s take it back and use Spice Girls for example! For Posh, a make-up kit from Sephora or a set of brushes from Mac would be great. For Sporty Spice, perhaps a duffel bag filled with LuluLemon bras and exercising gear? You get the idea, right?
  4. Would you rather treat your girls with a night out on the town? Treating them all out to dinner can be nice (and a bit expensive) but they can’t take anything away from it, unless you count next morning’s hangover. Make sure if you do a dinner, add in a trinket as a keepsake.
  5. Spa days are always appreciated. Instead of having your ladies pay for their wedding primping, take care of it yourself! They have to get their nails’ done for the wedding anyway! Plan a spa day one or two days prior to the wedding. This way, all you have to do is relax. Start off with a soak in a hot tub – chat it up with your girls while warming your muscles. Next, get rid of all yours and their tension with a nice long massage. Finally, get your mani-pedis so that they will still be in perfect condition for the day ahead! You and your girls will thank your wallet. It definitely will be money well spent!

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