How To Find Sponsors To Help Pay For Your Wedding

Time to pay!When you consider that many couples now pay for their own weddings, it’s only natural that brides and grooms have started looking for sponsors to help cover the costs of their weddings. You may have heard about this and wondered what everyone was talking about. Why would someone want to help pay for your wedding? Good question.

First, it’s not that anyone is going to outlay cash for you to use for your wedding. You may, however, get companies to donate their wares towards your big day. The reason they might want to is so that they get more exposure.

Here’s an example of how you do it. You see a cake in a bakery window or at someone else’s wedding and want it for yours. You call the bakery and that gorgeous cake is out of your price range. You ask the baker if she will consider donating the cake in exchange for advertising at your wedding. You may have her business cards available next to the cake or even hang a tasteful banner reading, “This stunning cake was donated by Hannah’s Bakery.” You may be surprised at how receptive businesses can be to your request. In this day and age, businesses are hurting for customers and a great recommendation from a happy bride is the best advertising. That’s why they would go for it, if they do.

Be prepared that you may get a no. That’s fine. Just move on. Another way to go about it is to barter. Ask if the service provider, say the limo company, will let you have a limo for the day in exchange for your husband doing the businesses taxes this year for free. Any services can be bartered.

Getting married is expensiveUse online venues to promote your wedding and seek sponsors. Start a free blog and ask for sponsors. Tell them you’d like to advertise their services and promote them at your wedding. You can include business cards at the guest book table or let them place an ad in your program. It’s ok to do if it’s done tastefully. But don’t overdo the promotions as your wedding will seem like a huge marketing effort instead of a joining of souls.

Other ways to ask for services include visiting bridal shows and participating in raffles and giveaways. Many fine companies will be represented there and they usually hold a drawing for a free cake or free tuxedo rentals. You may just be the lucky couple. Just expect to wait as they don’t usually pull the winning names until well after the event is over.

No matter how you go about asking for sponsors, plan on having to pay for the bulk of the wedding yourself. You may get lucky and a few kind vendors will offer their services in exchange for advertising. But for the big ticket items, from catering to wedding favors, you’re going to have to foot the bill yourselves.

One final idea is to look for wedding giveaway contests. Many TV shows and radio stations give away free wedding packages as promotions. Join any you can find and hope for the best. You may win a trip to Disneyland to be married in Cinderella’s castle. Who knows?


11 Responses to How To Find Sponsors To Help Pay For Your Wedding

  • michele says:

    Advertising and bartering may work with a new baker or company starting out that needs the advertisement.

  • Phillip Brunelle says:

    I have heard about this, but I've always wondered how it would work out for a couple advertising for a bunch of wedding vendors without commercializing their wedding, you don't really want to take away from the beauty of your wedding decor, nor do you want to have the little personal details and touches overlooked by your guests from an abundance of vendor marketing....

    So, how about keeping it simple by having some kind of parting gifts for your guests, and in each of the guest bags or packages you put some kind of sample or small gift from each of the vendors with their info?

    This way you don't have advertising everywhere with your guests attention taken away from your wedding decor... it would still reach your guests and would be more purposeful since each of your guests would be taking the parting gifts home with all of the vendors info.

    By setting up a table of advertising, that could be overlooked, business cards could even be left behind since most woman leave their purses in the car or don't bring one with them, but by arranging small parting gift packages with your vendors it would offer your guests a parting gift and a way to ensure that each guest gets the vendors marketing materials.

    Just a thought...

    Phillip Brunelle
    Phillip Brunelle Photography

  • seneca douglas says:

    I am a college student newly in engaged And have a hard time to come up with money for my wedding

  • Stacy Johnson says:

    Hi I'm looking for sponsors for my wedding my sister said she was gonna pay for the whole thing and I invited people and everything then I just RECIEVED a text from her saying she has better things to worry about other than my wedding. So I'm screwed I don't have the money. Does anyone no how I can get sponsors to help me?

  • Rose says:

    HI Stacy I am trying to do the same thing find sponsor to help me pay for my wedding, I have came across anything yet but I will let you know. Hopefully we will have some luck and our search. But here is my email address. just and case [email protected]. Oh by the way when are you getting married. my wedding isn't until feb. 2014 so i have a little time

  • Fatima Danna says:

    What do you do when getting married out of the country

  • ayanda says:

    hi i am also looking for a sponsor for my wedding, i really need help. I just finished paying lobola now i need help for my wedding, im cashless

  • Gavin says:


    She has two kids which im simply mad about so we i rented a bigger place for us to live together. its a small seperate entrance but spacious. Although i have hit a fianacial wall. all she speaks about is a small intamate wedding but beautiful. It breaks my heart really.

    We plannned for 28th november at the hollowtree no venue fee. But i cant afford 50 people. Can i please get help to give my love her one special day.

    If my car was not used for work i would sell it and take public transport.

    Well anyones help would be such a BLESSING TO ME

  • latasha thacker says:

    Hello my name is latasha im engaged and i really having a hard time paying for my wedding things are so expensive. I know my mom want to help but she really can offer much her husband lost his job so she taking care of everything and my fiance lost hus over time and im just living check to check i really need help i just want something that i will never foget need help

  • Senaya Perera says:

    I am looking for a sponsor to help me pay for my wedding. Because I have lots of problems around me. My boyfriend doesnt have money at this moment for the wedding. His family is not a wealth family. we are in a relationship with 7 years. for more information anyone can contact me through senaya1992[email protected] email. plz help me to solve my problems.
    Thank you

  • meryse smith says:

    i am getting married in june and need help

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