Tips for Choosing a Wedding Veil

Floor Length VeilWedding Veils by Wedding Favors UnlimitedWedding veils are a lovely part of a bridal outfit. Your choice to wear a veil is a throwback to the days when brides covered their faces so the evil spirits that were thought to surround the wedding couple could not see her face to harm her. (That’s why bridesmaids originally dressed the same, so that the evil spirits would get confused and not know who the bride was.) All tradition and superstition aside, a veil just looks elegant.

What sort of veil should you wear? That all depends on your style and taste. There’s no saying you can’t wear any veil you like, but it does have to match your wedding gown, so plan to choose your dress (and make your final purchase) before selecting a veil. You may change your mind if you haven’t paid for your dress yet, so wait until it’s paid for to shop for a veil.

Go out shopping with an open mind. What you might think you like may be nothing like what you end up choosing. Try to wear your hair as you will on your wedding day the day you shop for your veil. You’ll get a better idea of how it will work with your do and if you will need to select either another hair style or another veil.

If you’re more on the petite side, you might want to go with a veil that’s a little smaller, shorter and less puffy. You don’t want to walk down the aisle looking like a cloud. You want people to be able to see you under your veil. Taller girls can get away with longer veils and fuller versions as well.

There are several types of veils. One is a short veil designed to be worn with a hat or tiara. This is typically just made of tulle, a see through netting. You can also opt for a long veil either entirely made of lace or made of a tulle or nylon fabric. It can end halfway down your back or be more of a cathedral train trailing far down the aisle behind you. Longer veils can either be taken off at the reception or bustled up. Most likely you’ll want to take it off. Whether you choose to cover your face with a blusher panel is up to you. That’s typically what the father of the bride will lift as he gives his daughter away.

Beautiful wedding veilIf you want to wear your veil for the entire day, opt for something shorter and lighter. Tulle veils are perfect because they are so light and airy. You won’t even feel like you have it on. Choose to anchor your veil either with a tiara or with combs that are under the head piece. Your head piece will be either permanently attached to the veil or removable so you can just wear the top piece at the reception. Choose a head piece that you really love as it will be in all your photos both at the church and the reception. Go with pearls and satin or all rhinestones. It’s up to you. You can also incorporate satin or fresh flowers into a crown that ends in a veil.

As long as your veil matches in style and color with your dress, you can pretty much wear any style you like. Try not to have a pure white dress with a cream colored veil. It will look off. Ask the opinion of those closest to you. They may find that what you have chosen is perfect or that you should keep looking. Either way, their advice is very valuable.

Have fun selecting your veil. It’s the one time in your life that you will be able to wear such a lovely piece of finery. Select it with care and preserve it after the wedding for generations to come. A good dry cleaner can help you with preservation and care.

Feeling bold? You can always try and make your own wedding veil!

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