Disposable Cameras - Capture Those Spontaneous Reception Moments

Cherry blossom disposable wedding cameraEven in the digital age, disposable cameras are still a fun way to add lots of casual photos to your wedding collection. The secret is to leave them on all the tables so that guests can take photos of the reception as they see it unfolding. No two people will see it from the same perspective, so you will get lots of different shots.

Disposable cameras are preferable over digital in this incidence because you can’t very well leave a bunch of digital cameras out on all the tables, but you can invest a few dollars in some disposable Kodaks and get some fun memories out of it.

A few thoughts. Many companies make disposable wedding cameras. They have white flowers on the casings or some other wedding themed design. While they are attractive, you may end up paying more for that design when it doesn’t add anything to the camera. If you don’t mind, that’s fine. But if you want to save a few pennies, see if you can buy regular digital cameras online in bulk. You may get a price break that way.

Make sure your cameras have flash capabilities. Nothing is worse than spending money to develop a bunch of black photos where you can’t make anything out. Make a note for the tables as to why the cameras are there. Even though the disposable camera idea is popular, not everyone will get it. Some might think they aren’t supposed to touch the cameras. Let them know that they are for them to walk around with and take photos. Let the guests know that you want them to use up all the film.

Cherry blossom camera table signsBeware of expired film. You may order a whole set of disposable cameras only to find that the film has passed its expiration date. It happens a lot because warehouses store the cameras until a sale is made. If you order online and can’t ask a live person ahead of time what the expiration dates are, open the package as soon as you get it home. Check the dates, and call the company right away to report an expired shipment. They will replace it if they are a reputable company. You’ve got your order number to prove when you ordered the pieces and you have a right to fresh film.

Be sure to assign someone the task of collecting all the cameras at the end of the reception. They can easily get forgotten. Of course, the reception hall will collect them for you if you forget, but it’s one less thing you have to do if you just have someone in your family take care of it.

Once you return from your honeymoon, have the film developed. If you can, find a mail order company that’s still in business, and try them, as they will have better prices than a walk-in store. Drug stores still have drop off services where you can leave your film and come back another time to pick up your photos. Yes, it will cost a few bucks to get the photos, but it will be worth it when you’ve got a whole album full of funny photos to look through.

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One Response to Disposable Cameras - Capture Those Spontaneous Reception Moments

  • Kyle says:

    I miss seeing disposable cameras on every table, and it would truly be a great retro touch to any wedding.

    With so many guests taking great digital photos at weddings now, there are some other great options. Kaptur.com allows brides to bring together everyone's photos, videos and updates from your wedding.

    It's the best product I've seen to collect everyone's candid shots in one album.

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