The Ins and Outs of DIY Wedding Favor Packaging

Fuchsia Filigree Favor BoxesBefore you decide if making your own wedding favors is the right choice for you, consider some of the finer points of the task.

  • You’ll need time. You can’t rush the assembly of certain do-it-yourself favor packaging. So plan to devote a few nights to the job.
  • Enlist help. If you’re doing it all by yourself it’s going to take longer than if you have a group of friends and family to assist.
  • Are you crafty? Some of the do-it-yourself favor packages are quite tricky to put together. If you don’t have patience to deal with this kind of craft, think about purchasing your favors ready-made.
  • Will the favors look professional when complete? Do a test run with a small batch of the wedding favors you intend to put together. Sometimes the packaging is flimsy and once you’re done bending down flaps, the box looks like it’s been through the wringer. If you don’t like the results, move on to something else.
  • Go simple. If you’re already stressed about other details of the wedding, don’t add one more thing to your list. Go with a simple favor that will not require hours of your evenings and weekends to complete. Remember, it’s the thought that counts. No one will know how much time you invested but you.
  • Think about cost per piece. If you can get the same thing ready-made for the same price, go for it. Your time is valuable and if the item is going to cost the same once you fill it, why not go with a pre-fab package?
  • Do a durability test. Put together one or two of the packages complete with filling and see how well it travels in the back seat of your car. After all, you have to transport your favors to the reception somehow and if they won’t survive the trip, wouldn’t you like to know ahead of time? Walk away from any favor that is going to spill, break, or leak. You just don’t need the headache.
  • Hugs & Kisses from the Mr & Mrs Favor BoxesGo with adorable packages that are easy to assemble. You can find boxes in the shape of brides and grooms that you can fill with candies easily. Use miniature glass bottles that you can fill with mints or gumballs. Just forego any tying of ribbon that could become tedious after the 87th one.
  • Anything that takes just a few seconds to put together is your best bet. Think votive holders where you just need to pop in a candle. Or choose a silk sachet bag that you can fill with chocolates. Favor boxes that require you only to come up with the contents are also a great choice. If it’s a fill and go kind of favor, it’s a good idea.
  • Craft stores are a great resource for DIY wedding favors. You can find tins to fill with goodies, bubbles and swans that you can incorporate into the decor, glass containers of every kind that you can fill with things like heart-shaped candies or gumballs. Browse around. You’ll find that the wedding aisle has many bows already formed to save you time. Lots of shortcuts are there on the shelves ready for the taking.

Think about your time and resources before you plan to do your favors yourself. They’re a good, cost-effective idea if you have the patience and drive to complete them.

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