Tips For Planning A Wedding on a Budget

Times are tough in this economy. It’s hitting everyone. If you’re about to start planning a wedding and are wondering how you’re going to pay for it all, don’t worry. There are plenty of budgeting strategies you can use that will help you have the wedding of your dreams without going bankrupt.

Go Vintage

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If you love vintage style, you’re in luck. You can visit vintage shops and pick up your gown, your wedding jewelry, bridal party gifts, and maybe even your shoes. You’ll pay a fraction of what you’d pay in a retail store for brand new items and the charm will be so much more pleasing. Search for vintage shops online as well as in your home town. You might just score a beaded handbag or silk pumps from eBay. You never know until you look. Your groom can go retro, too, with a tuxedo from a consignment shop. Most tuxedos have barely even been worn when they are dropped off at a vintage store. Take advantage of the cheap price and save the money on a rental.

Go Faux

Flowers are one of the biggest expenses of your wedding day. You will be surprised how much you can save by having artificial silk flowers at your wedding. No one will know the difference. You can make the arrangements yourself well ahead of time and not have to worry about fresh flowers getting to the wedding or reception. Today’s silk flowers are more beautiful than ever. You can’t even tell them from their real counterparts unless you are staring at them up close. You’ll all get to keep your flowers forever and not have to pay to have a bouquet preserved. If you want a fresh flowers scent, spray some rose cologne or other floral scent on each bouquet before the wedding.

Go Different

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Everyone wants to get married in June at the most popular reception hall in town. So, to save money and avoid the trumped up prices that catering halls charge for peak times, go with a different venue than everyone else. Host your reception at an aquarium or museum. They often make packages available that include the catering and everything. They want to attract more people to their facilities and you want a cheaper price. Everyone’s happy. You’ll be surprised at the lovely private rooms some out of the way venues have that you’ll get all to yourselves. Consider botanical gardens or a park with a conservatory that you can rent for the reception.

Go with Friends

Have a friend who plays the violin? An old pal that DJs on the side? Make use of anyone and everyone who offers their talents to you. And if they don’t offer, it can’t hurt to ask. Don’t expect all but your closest friends to work for free. You will still want to pay a fair rate to a friend who helps out, but chances are you’ll get a huge discount over what a stranger would charge you. Let friends help you out with making wedding favors, centerpieces, decorations, and more. If you have a friend with lovely penmanship, ask her to write out your invitation envelopes in exchange for babysitting or pet sitting for her. Barter and swap as much as you can.

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