Cheap Wedding Favors

Just because you want inexpensive wedding favors doesn’t mean they have to look cheap. With these great ideas, no one will know how little you paid for each favor. Most can be found or made for under $2. Raid the dollar store and get some good ideas too. You’ll be surprised with you find there!

Monogram hershey kiss favorsBags of Kisses

Tie some Hershey’s kisses in silver or gold netting and finish with a pretty ribbon. If you’re getting married around Halloween, you can find all sorts of bulk bags and discounts too. Craft stores will have cellophane and netting along with an array of inexpensive ribbon.

Glass Coasters

You can find coasters with every design imaginable. Find glass coasters that fit your theme and then tie in a pretty ribbon around them, and you’re done.

Shaped Favor Boxes

For pennies each you can buy favor boxes shaped in everything from handbags to brides and grooms and more. You’ll have to assemble them yourself as they will arrive flat (thereby saving on cost). But if you enlist friends and make a night of it, you can have fun putting them together and filling them with chocolates or candies.

Handmade Bookmarks

If you’re on a budget, you can use watercolor paper or card stock to make elegant bookmark favors. Use fashion scissors that cut designs into the paper to do the edges. Punch a hole and tie a nice ribbon or tassel on each one. Then you can write something on each one, rubber stamp a design or stamp your monogram or the words “thank you.”

cheap wedding favors


You can find nice magnets at discount stores that go along with your theme. For a beach wedding you might have a starfish or sail boat. For a winter wedding you might have a snowman. Once you find the magnet you like, adhere it to card stock and double it up as a place card or tie a ribbon around it as is. They’ll look charming at each place setting.

Diamond Ring KeychainKey Rings

Order key rings in bulk in a shape that matches your theme and color scheme. You can find them at discount stores, dollar stores and online in just about every shape and size. Choose the best quality you can afford.


You can do a lot with photos using your home printer. You can personalize mugs, mouse pads and more. Or, you can take pictures of memorable places in the town you’re getting married in and create cards or stationery.

Think creatively and you will find your printer is your new best friend. For a fraction of hiring someone to print photo gifts you can do it yourself with transfer and iron on paper.


Soaps are a really nice item to offer as a favor. Many pressed soaps are so lovely that they look much more expensive than they are. Find them in a shape and design that matches your theme. Or, if you really want to get crafty and save money, make your own soap wedding favors. You can find soap-making supplies at discount stores. They have unique molds that will allow you to hand pour your soaps. You can do the same with candles if you like. And you can even add a scent or rose petals to make them even more unique.

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5 Responses to Cheap Wedding Favors

  • Totally agree!! I think with a little creativity, you can easily have beautiful, classy favors for under $1 each.

  • aurea says:

    A cousin made paper bookmarks for her wedding and it was a total hit! It's not actually the price of the favor that matters, it's how you have given each guest the gratitude that's due for them for attending your wedding. 🙂

  • Brent says:

    I love wedding favors!

  • Shirna says:

    You can really create something great if you just have materials...even cheap materials if you just let your creative mind favors are really great,for me, if you made it by proves you are happy having your partner and the wedding ceremony that will bind both of you just the matter of creativity and resourcefulness...

  • Leslie says:

    beautiful! Thanks for sharing and posting!

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