Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

BridesmaidsThe ladies in your life who are closest to you are the ones you’ll want as your bridesmaids. To thank them for being part of your bridal party, give them special and meaningful bridesmaid gifts. Here are some suggestions.

  • Jewelry is always appreciated. You don’t have to break the bank to give each of your girls a lovely piece. Decide on what you want to give be it bracelet, ring, necklace or earrings. Then, get everyone the same thing, or a slight variation, and buy them all at the same time. You can purchase lots of lovely crystal or beaded bracelets that will fit everyone. And when you have them all shipped together, you’ll save not only on shipping but on your time running around searching for the perfect gift. and Ebay both offer unique jewelry pieces that are affordable and fun.
  • Pampering products. Give a spa in a bag. Get nice toiletry cases and fill them with all sorts of soothing products. If the girls are staying at a hotel, they’ll be thrilled to have the extra products. Alternately, you could consider giving fluffy monogram robes.
  • Gift certificates to a spa are also nice as well. They can go at a time that’s convenient for them and remember you when they’re getting pampered.
  • Gift certificates to restaurants, stores, and movies are all great ideas. You can even give them gift certificates for online stores so they can shop from home.
  • Monogrammed candles are lovely. They come in all types of containers and colors. You can pick a monogram for each of the girls to make the gift truly personal.
  • Personalized Cosmetic CasesPurses, cosmetic cases and personalized totes all make great gifts. Either have them personalized or give a tote that fits with each girl’s personality. Fill it with travel sizes of all kinds of products.
  • A monogrammed self-inking stamper is a unique gift. You can order them online with each girls name and address for a lovely surprise.
  • Edible gifts are all the rage right now. You can get everything from giant caramel apples covered in chocolate and candies to lollipops in the shape of bridal gowns. There’s no end to the creative and tasty treats you can find. Select something that you can’t find just anywhere like high end gourmet chocolates or online-only creations.
  • Tickets to a concert or other local venue are appreciated. Try to get tickets that are good for a wide array of dates so that each girl can choose the day she’d like to go. Theatre tickets are often good for the whole run of the show (several weeks). Or offer to take them all together when you return from your honeymoon.
  • Your bridesmaids will be on their feet all evening. Why not give them personalized flip flops with their names or ballet slippers in a nice pouch. They can slip into more comfy shoes when it comes time to dance. Everyone will be thanking you.

It’s up to you just how much you want to spend. If your budget is tight, you can always make something (like a batch of your best chocolate chip cookies) and wrap it in fancy packaging. Remember, it’s a token of your thanks and is not intended to be a stressful expense for you and your groom. Think simple but elegant.

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