Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Image by wedding photography by jon day on FlickrYour reception is your big chance to have everything you’ve ever wanted in an event. Chances are you’ve dreamed since you were a little girl of the moment you’d walk in, arm in arm, with the most fabulous man on the planet. Being announced as Mr. and Mrs. can be a heady feeling, and it will only add to the excitement when your decor is absolutely perfect.

There are so many ways to add your own personality to a wedding reception. It’s the one time you can have total say over what is included and what is left out. There will be many well-wishers who offer advice that you may or may not want to take. Above all, don’t feel pressured to have anything at your reception that you don’t love. If mom wants you to go with gold and silver, but you hate the combination, consider talking with her and telling her how you feel. She will most likely want you to be happy, and you can select an alternate color scheme.

Set your mind on the colors that make you the happiest. Do you love muted tones of red and brown? The vintage look can really be chic in these colors. Have a down home country reception complete with a wagon and a hay bale in it, candles in rustic colors, tables draped in hues of burnt reds, and even rent out a barn if you can. You can have an elegant barn wedding reception, if the climate allows, that is everything you hoped it would be and more. Hang gauzy curtains at the barn door entrance. Have dancing on the open floor. Just be sure that it’s a non-working barn so it’s clean and available without any animals (and their odors) in it. Many barns are now heated and have lovely wooden flooring that’s perfect for dancing.

Just about any theme will work as long as you carry it throughout the day. If you are sports fans, you and your new husband can incorporate just about any sport into the day. Have football candies as favors. Decorate a whimsical cake with soccer ball icing. Include memorabilia from the sport, trophies, or pennants to suggest the good old days of the sport. You can really have fun with it. Offer baseball cards as favors or have vintage bats and balls on display. Chances are you’ve got a collection somewhere if you’re sports nuts. Why not bring them out?

Image by soundfromwayout on FlickrWedding reception decor is totally dependent on the bride and groom’s tastes. Have a chocolate fountain if you love chocolate and go with a Willy Wonka theme. Or have a truly upscale champagne and strawberries theme. Whatever you decide to have, look at every detail from the invitations to the wedding favors, and everything in between. Put your little touches into each area of the reception decor and you will find that everyone loves what you’ve done. Don’t forget to make your mark with special food choices as well. You can have the caterer do edible chocolate spoons for guests to eat their cold strawberry soup with.

The magic is in the details. Plan on cutting out lots of ideas from magazines and gather up a file so that when the final decisions need to be made, you’ll have lots of ideas.

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