Dressing Up The Flowergirl Basket and Ring Bearer Pillow

Usually, the roles of flower girls and ring bearers are filled by the most adorable among us: the kids!  Whether a younger sibling, niece, nephew, friend, or child of the couple, nothing tugs at the heart strings more than a child marching down the aisle and participating in a wedding.  Make sure your little helpers are at their best by dressing up the flower girl basket and ring bearer pillow.  This will help tie in your themes and colors, as well as provide a sophisticated finishing touch to the entire wedding ceremony.

The best part about flower girl baskets and ring pillows is that they can be very inexpensive and easily customized to suit your wedding themes and preferences.

Ideas for your little flower girl:

  • Image by Save-on-crafts.com

    First, think beyond the basket.  What about a cute pail, painted to complement your wedding colors while giving a nod to the child’s age?  What about a bouquet tied with ribbon?  Does she have to carry flowers; why not blow bubbles or carry a sparkly magic wand with flowing ribbons?  These can all be ways to express your individuality on your wedding day – and make it fun for her as well.

  • For those lacking the time, simply choose a basket and wrap a ribbon around the handle.  Tie bows at either end. Voila; simple and fast.
  • Cover your basket with fabric.  Cut a circle of fabric to fit your basket.  Put the basket in the middle of the fabric, and fold it up.  Use hot glue to attach the fabric to the inside of the basket.  You can also cover the inside – or just hide the fabric ends by filling the basket with flowers.  This adds texture and color to the arrangement.
  • A flower girl basket made of flowers.  It isn’t made of flowers, but it will look like it.  Take a small circular basket and wrap a ribbon around the handle. Secure it with hot glue, if you need to.  Next, cut a piece of cardboard to the same diameter of the bottom of the basket, and glue it into place (inside).  Use your hot glue to attach floral florets, flowers, or leaves to the basket all over.

For your little ring bearer:

  • Image by Martha Stewart WeddingsAgain, consider an alternative.  Can your little man carry a ring bearer book, with a secret compartment for the rings?  Martha Stewart suggests using a pincushion, like this.  One creative couple had their ring bearer carry a fishing pole (sans hook) with the rings attached because the groom and the bearer enjoyed fishing together.
  • Make your own.  Using fabric in the bride’s favorite color/pattern for one side and the groom’s favorite for the other. Sew this together with batting in the middle. Attach a button in the center, sewing all the way through the pillow.  Use the button to attach a ribbon to tie the rings to.
  • Buy a small ring pillow and an oversized fabric flower blossom (artificial) from a craft store.  Sew the flower onto the pillow and add a ribbon for the rings.  Make sure the flower takes up most of the surface of the pillow.  Match it to the flower girl’s arrangement.
  • Use a teddy bear.  There are ones you can buy dressed as ring bearers, with a small pillow for the ring.  Or you could buy another stuffed buddy and use a ribbon to attach rings. This way, your ring man can get a treat for his service (just make sure the flower girl gets one, too!).
  • Use a nest (if you can get it, make sure it matches the flower girl’s basket.  Put some moss or crinkle-cut paper inside and secure the rings with ribbon.  You can even put some “love birds” in there.

More couples are creating their own traditions and finding fun alternatives to the traditional flower girl basket and ring pillow.  Be creative and incorporate details that demonstrate your individuality; if your “ring pillow” is a stuffed aardvark and your flower girl basket is a bouquet, who cares?  It’s you!

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