Five Ways to Involve Your Dog in Your Wedding Day

Dog Wedding AttireA growing number of couples are choosing to involve their dog in their wedding day. After all, this is a big occasion for the family and that includes the family dog. From the engagement photos to the ceremony and even honeymoon, couples are getting more and more creative with the many ways they incorporate their dogs and other pets into their wedding.

#1: Include Fido on the guest list

For many couples who wish to include the dog in the big day, this is an obvious choice. It will not work with all breeds or with all wedding locations. Outdoor weddings usually have the most success with inclusion of a dog in the ceremony and/or including the dog among the attendees. For a church of other indoor setting, you will need to check the building rules. It is also a good idea to have another family member or friend in charge of chaperoning your dog. You will have enough going on that day without having to arrange potty breaks and feeding times.

#2: Give Rover a role in the wedding ceremony

A pair of rings tied to the dog’s collar is what comes to mind for many couples, but some are choosing to dress the dog as their dog of honor, or best man’s best friend. Some brides have even allowed their dog to escort them down the aisle for this most special occasion. Just be sure to practice, practice, and practice. Then, have a sense of humor and patience because things may not go exactly as planned.

#3: A dog-friendly reception

Celebration rather than ceremony is the setting that works well for many pups. The dog takes the job of greeting guests and the newly married couple and is able to have fun without the pressure of strict ceremony-like behavior. It is still a good idea to assign the dog a chaperone. If you are having a truly dog-friendly wedding and reception, consider allowing other guests to bring their dogs. This can makes for a fun day and hilarious photos!

#4: Photos with the couple and their canine

Engagement photos are a fun and easy way to include your dog. Just picture how sweet that dog leash looks when the pup has wrapped himself around the couple’s ankles, or how that happy hound will look when squeezed between you two on a park bench. The poses are endless and this approach to engagement photos can really show off a couple’s personality. In addition, these same candid’s can be a blast when photographed in a gown and tux at the reception.

#5: Honeymoon with the hound

For the couple who wants to include their dog in everything wedding, plan a dog-friendly honeymoon. Many hotels will assist with scheduling pet sitting and dog walking services so you can be free to go on some activities without the dog and know that he will be there at the hotel to greet you upon your return.

The author is a dedicated veterinarian, devoting her practice to the care of domestic animals. To further her influence, Susan Wright, DMV serves as a dog training collar expert and has authored books about dogs and their care. See more at

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