Accessorizing Your Bridal Hairstyle

Weddings mean lots of decisions.  You’ll have to select a venue, narrow down the guest list, and hire a photographer.  Meal options, cake flavors, and seating charts won’t escape your scrutiny.  And most importantly, you’ll have to style yourself!  For many brides, choosing a dress is the first order of business.  Just as important to the finished look is the hairstyle you choose.  Don’t let your hairdo planning slip to the bottom of the list.  Now is a good time to start thinking about your bridal hairstyle and the accessories you want to utilize.  Here is a list of seven accessories and how best to incorporate them into a bridal hairstyle.


This semicircular hair piece is often jeweled and/or sparkly.

Try it like this…

Generally, a tiara is worn like a crown atop the head.  Because of a tiara’s weight and shape, it is usually added to an updo.  When purchasing a tiara, look for one that is a bit flexible and capable of forming to your head shape/size.


This decorative clasp (most commonly made of metal) is usually pinned to clothing.  However, it works well nestled into an updo too.

Try it like this…

Brooches usually have a bit of weight.  You’ll need to place it somewhere it can be supported – like snuggled against an updo or tucked against bobby pins.  Most brooches have a clip on the back (some are specially designed for hair and have combs).  Keep the brooch pinned shut and slip a bobby pin through to hold it in place.


Large or small, real or fake, flowers are a wonderful addition to any updo.

Try it like this…

When styling with small flowers, sprinkle them evenly throughout the updo.  Also, little flowers are most pleasing in a curly hairstyle, as they can look too prominent in a sleek style.

When using large flowers, limit yourself to just a few.  Integrate them into voluminous updos for an eye-catching addition.

If real flowers are incorporated, apply hairspray first.  Hair spray will cause your flowers to wilt.  And no matter what type of flower you use, purchase ones with little stems.  They will be much easier to insert and secure.


There are a wide variety of headband styles – thick, thin, fabric, metal, shimmery or subdue.

Try it like this…

Where you put your headband will dictate how you style your hair.  If you place the headband across your forehead, you’ll want your hair mostly or completely down.  If you place the headband across the top of your head, you can use just about any hairstyle.  Some brides choose to cut a full headband (one that forms a complete circle) at the back and secure it with bobby pins.

Birdcage Veil

This miniature version of a veil is designed to frame your face.  The Russian netting is fastened to a clip or comb.

Try it like this…

Place your birdcage veil on a slight diagonal.  The tip of the veil should just barely graze or cover one eye.

A birdcage veil adds a lot of excitement near your face.  Therefore, it is a good idea to keep the hair in that area a bit more subdued.  You want to accentuate – not distract from – your beautiful face!

Natural Elements

Leaves and feathers are great additions to add a bit of natural elegance.  Leaves can accentuate a spring of fall wedding.  Feathers can be real or fake.

Try it like this…

Both leaves and feathers enhance soft, natural looking hairstyles.

Leaves can be attached via a bobby pin around the stem.  If you wear your hair down, place the leaves at the side (near the ear).  Placing leaves slightly off center of an updo will add a lovely effect.

Feathers are most flattering when they are placed lower on your head.  Feathers that peak over the top of your head can appear unnatural.  Also, if you use large feathers, be sure to add enough volume to your do to balance the effect.  Feathers from a craft store are much more sanitary than random items collected outside!

Classic Veil

This piece of opaque fabric is attached to the hair.  Veils have varying lengths (from short to super long) and styles (from plain to exquisitely detailed).

Try it like this…

Veils can accentuate just about any hairstyle.  Position yours in any of these locations:  low (beneath an updo), middle (above or below updo), or top (at the crown).

Let the professionals (hairstylist and bridal gown consultant) help you select a veil length that will complement your chosen hairstyle and gown.

Use hair accessories to accentuate your personality and style.  Don’t be afraid to try something unique or uncommon.  Your wedding is the perfect excuse to go over the top!


Newlywed Lindsey Adams sought treatment for hair loss (from these people) before her big day.  After finding a way to manage her wedding planning stress, she was able to have healthy, luscious locks for her bridal updo.

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