Bridesmaid Gift Ideas for Every Personality Type

Choosing the bridesmaids was the easy part (believe it or not).  Finding appropriate gifts for them is the big challenge.  You want something that says, “I am genuinely grateful that you participated in our big day.”  But finding a gift that communicates that idea to each of the women’s different personalities is challenging.

Check out these bridesmaid gift ideas; surely you will find something that appeals to each of the personas in your party.

The Hollywood Wanna-Be

  • Tickets for a local theater production
  • Gift certificates to a local movie theater
  • A veg-at-home movie gift basket complete with the latest blockbuster on blu ray and microwave popcorn

The Can’t-Sit-Still Girl

  • Gift certificate for ballroom dancing classes
  • Gift certificate for introductory pottery classes
  • Gift certificate for a Pilates class

The Future Famous Chef

  • A cookbook from today’s hottest chef
  • Custom apron
  • Top-of-the-line cooking utensils
  • Membership to a wine club
  • Luxurious table linens
  • Gift certificate to a gourmet grocery store

The Bookworm

  • Magazine subscriptions
  • The latest chart-topping book
  • An e-reader (and a gift certificate to purchase her first book)

The Diva

  • Silk pajamas
  • A gift certificate to a local spa
  • A designer clutch
  • A designer makeup bag
  • A gift basket full of luxurious beauty supplies

The DIY Champ

  • Custom jewelry
  • A homemade candle in her favorite scent
  • Personalized pottery
  • A hand-knitted item (scarf, hat, afghan)
  • Custom photo album or scrapbook
  • Homemade beauty products like soap and lotion

The One-of-the-Guys Girl

  • Custom playing cards and/or poker set
  • Tickets to a sporting event
  • A new board game and a case of her favorite adult beverage
  • Custom cornhole boards and bags
  • Workout gear (water bottle, yoga pants, free weights to use at home, pedometer)

 The Jet Setter

  • Custom cosmetic bag
  • Personalized luggage tag
  • A gift basket with a plug adapter, travel alarm clock, ear plugs and a sleep mask
  • A neck pillow and fleece blanket
  • Gift certificate to a gas station

The Tree-Hugger

  • Compost pail
  • Reusable grocery bags
  • To-go coffee mug
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Solar radio

The Sun Goddess

  • Sun glasses
  • Gift certificate for the tanning bed or a spray tan
  • Tanning lotion
  • A poolside gift basket with a beach towel, flip flops, cover-up, and an inflatable raft

The Mama Bear

  • Parenting books about age-appropriate kid issues
  • Family board games
  • An outdoor activity gift basket with sidewalk chalk, water balloons, and a kickball
  • A bottle of wine and bath salts

Sure, you can always go with the old bridesmaid gift stand-bys, but wouldn’t a gift that matches your loved one’s personality be so much more meaningful?

Author Bio:

Guest blogger Jessamy Adams recently received regulation cornhole boards and bags (find them here) as a bridesmaid gift.  She absolutely loves them!  Every time she pulls out her cornhole game boards, she remembers the magical day she shared with her friends.

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