Biding Your Time for the Bride Bling

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Are you almost engaged to your boyfriend but waiting for the official proposal? Are you wondering what’s taking him so long? Does he know what kind of ring to buy? And most importantly, have you decided what kind of ring you want?

Well, the good news is that the most important search is over. You’ve found each other. Whew! Now, the fun begins of finding and buying an engagement ring. How can you help your man make the process as smooth as possible?

What To Buy

To start with, figure out what style setting and diamond shape you like. Unless you are not particular and want to be completely surprised, I recommend dropping some hints to your beau, or better yet, just coming right out and telling him what it is that you like. After all, you are going to be the one wearing the ring for the rest of your life – so why not select it yourself?

Just to get an idea of what’s out there, check out some of the latest trends in engagement rings, such as vintage settings and pave (diamonds all around the band) settings. As for diamond shapes, after the traditional round cut, we are seeing more and more couples opting for the more contemporary looks of the princess and cushion cut. And don’t forget about adding a splash of color to your ring, either in the form of a fancy colored diamond or as an accent gemstone – like ruby or sapphire – to complement the center diamond.

Where To Buy It

But just as important as what to buy is WHERE to buy it. Sure, you can easily head down to your local jewelry store. But there are some serious advantages to checking out your diamond options online. There are three main benefits you get by shopping online for diamonds.

First, the overhead costs of e-retailers are significantly lower than the brick and mortar stores. Since “real” stores must pay employee salaries, rent, insurance, and utilities, that cost is passed along to you, the consumer.

Second, traditional stores can’t compete with the inventory that online diamond retailers offer. It costs big bucks to buy diamonds, as you know, and local jewelers, even franchise stores, cannot easily afford to stock as many diamonds as e-vendors can. The reason for this discrepancy is that a website can showcase a virtual inventory from private vendors all over the world without having to purchase the diamond up front. This allows for greater selection for the consumer.

And finally, the quality of diamonds available today online is vastly superior to what you will find when you walk into a jewelry store in your neighborhood. In addition, whereas local stores often carry diamonds with only IGI or EGL certified diamonds, online you can find diamonds with AGS and GIA certification – a vastly superior credential that is worth insisting on.

But having said that, doesn’t the idea of buying a diamond online leave you a little unsettled? Don’t you want to hold the rock in your hand and see the sparkle in person? Well, luckily you can with the virtual loupe found on some diamond vendor websites. This allows you to have a close-up look of the diamond so you can see the clarity for yourself.  Therefore, you don’t have to shop using only the specs in the certification and then looking up what you see in various diamond charts.

And the best part of buying online is you don’t even have to leave home. Get cozy in your pajamas and check out the dazzling e-world of diamonds. And if you’re still waiting for your man to pop the question, do your shopping together!

 is an industry expert and the brains behind the diamond education website Truth About Diamonds.

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