Welcome Bags for Your Out-of-Town Wedding Guests

Destination weddings are becoming more popular for couples who want a unique wedding experience. The beauty of the place adds elegance on this special event but planning a wedding like this one could be a little challenging. For one reason, there are several things to consider such as the guests that will be coming from out of town especially just for the occasion. Most of them would probably stay for the night or two especially if it’s a long commute.

Here’s a piece of advice for the future bride and groom: the smallest details are usually the ones that are forgotten during the planning. What may seem like a petty aspect could mean a lot of difference. Just think about the guests who travel for hours their tired and weary bodies are in need of some treats to relieve stress. Coming up with ideas for welcome bags is not rocket science. Here are some things to consider if you’re planning to give guests a little welcome gift.


Welcome wedding bags need not be expensive. You can find treats that guest will enjoy without having to break your budget. In order to avoid over spending, it is best to have an idea on the number of guests. The welcome bags can be one for each couples and a basket for your friends that are traveling as a group.  There are also several places where you can find items to fill your bags at an affordable price. Use the internet and do a little research. In most cases, you can get a discount and even free delivery if you place a large order. Save yourself from the hassle of driving and just order online.

Delivery Arrangements

If all your guests are staying in the same hotel, make the necessary delivery arrangements ahead of time. The welcome bags can be delivered to their rooms or be given upon check in. To make the delivery easier and for a personal touch, you can also place the names on the bags.

What to Put Inside

Do not forget to include a few essentials inside the welcome bag such as a bottle of water, some mints and even cookies. If your guests plan on staying for a while for a little sight seeing, you might want to include a map for all the tourist attractions.

Make them feel comfortable and at ease once by providing them with wedding welcome bags. This gesture can surely add fun and excitement as guests will immediately feel the warm welcome the moment they arrive.


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