Eight Great Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

When planning a wedding it is easy to get consumed with all the scheduling and budgeting details and forget to enjoy yourself and be creative with your ideas. Remember, this is your big day, to celebrate with your family and loved ones and it is important to make it memorable for you and your partner as well as your guests. Thinking of ways to keep your guests entertained can be tricky so we have come up with eight great ideas to ensure everyone has a good time. Some will take a little preparation while others are ready-made fun-solutions; take your pick depending on the time and resources you have available.

Keep the kids happy

Weddings can be decidedly boring for children- all those adults standing around and talking! Consider providing coloring books or puzzles at tables where little ones will be seated. If your reception venue has outdoor space, why not design a treasure hunt to keep them occupied, it may be possible to enlist a couple of responsible teenagers to supervise and if the kids are entertained, their parents will be able to relax and enjoy themselves better as well.

Photo booth remix

Installing a photo booth at the reception venue has become very popular at weddings recently; it’s a lovely way to provide a memento of the occasion for your guests. Why not put a bit of a spin on it by supplying novelty backdrops and fancy dress items, such as hats, wigs, masks, glasses and comedy noses; everyone likes an excuse to be a little silly and don’t be surprised if some of the costumes make their way onto the dance floor later in the evening!

Walkabout artiste

Hiring a magician, balloon modeller or caricaturist to mix and mingle with your guests whilst photographs are being taken or during dinner is a great way to add interest, action and entertainment for adults and of course children. An excellent ice breaker and conversation starter, it works particularly well for bringing different groups of guests together and creating a nice atmosphere.

Cameras as party favors

Provide disposable cameras for your guests on their tables at dinner, they will enjoy snapping each other, the food, the table centers and the speeches; it’s a great way to ensure you get to take home a record of everyone at the wedding having a great time from every angle. Alternatively, consider Polaroid cameras instead and provide a scrapbook or pin board where everyone can contribute their pictures into a memory collage of the big day.

Dinner party games

For an unconventional party favor idea, it’s possible to find packs of cards with suggestions for games to play at the table; this is another excellent ice breaker. Why not extend this idea and provide games throughout the venue: Twister, giant Jenga and skittles in the grounds, checkers, Scrabble and battleships in the lounge areas or even a roulette wheel at the reception for some casino-style glamour.

Creative dessert

Treat your guests to a little something unusual and unexpected at the end of the meal; hire an ice cream truck to pull up at the front of the venue and invite guests to head out and order their choice, or set up a cotton candy station or a chocolate fountain with delicious fruit and pastries for dipping.

It will be memorable, fun and exciting as well as providing an opportunity for guests to move around and mingle rather than staying on one table.


Possibly the most crucial part of the entertainment is getting your guests onto the dance floor. If you’re hiring a band, make sure their style is in keeping with the theme or tone of your event; most wedding bands take requests so be sure to give them a list of tunes guaranteed to encourage your guests. Alternatively, if you’ve got a DJ, have your guests write down some song requests at dinner which can be handed over before the party starts.

Spectacular finale

For a dash of drama, a stunning firework show at nightfall is impressive and romantic. To make the occasion truly unforgettable, consider hiring fire jugglers to put on a dazzling display in the grounds for your guests. It is possible to bring in angle grinders who create showers of sparks, or poi artists who swing and spin balls of fire in amazing patterns. Provide your guests with their own sparklers to really light up the night.


Author Details: Ashley Auckle works with Only Weddings, wedding planners serving London and South East England.

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