What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

Fall weddings are absolutely beautiful occasions. They occur at a wondrous time of the year when the leaves are changing colors, the temperature is cooling off, and the happy couple is starting a life of eternal bliss. However, they can also be a source of confusion over the appropriate guest attire. A guest who is well informed on the fashion of fall can arrive at any fall wedding in the perfect apparel.

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The Black Tie Event

Black tie fall weddings are extremely straightforward on dress code. They require sharp tuxedos and formal gowns. A deep colored cocktail dress is acceptable, but an exquisite floor length gown is the optimum dress style for a black tie wedding. Gowns look best at fall weddings in shades of burgundy, navy, deep purple, and charcoal grey.

The latest trend in formal gowns is the one-shoulder strap gown that shows off the shoulders while maintaining a sense of elegance and class. Adornments such as sequins can play up a dark colored gown and add a hint of sparkle to the occasion.

The Black Tie Optional

The wedding invitation that says "Black Tie Optional" almost always leaves the door open to confusion. Which is best, a formal gown or a party dress? The truth is, this dress code leads to a wide range of dresses, styles, and patterns. Guests can wear anything from a cocktail dress to a formal gown.

Usually, a happy medium ensures guests won't feel over or under dressed. Men can go for a full tuxedo or enjoy a nice pair of pants and a button down shirt with a collar. For women, a dress that comes just below the knee and includes some intricate decor can be the perfect fit for an enchanting black tie optional fall wedding.

The Casual Wedding

Casual weddings are not to be confused with a night out to the movies. Guests should not wear jeans and a t-shirt; they should come looking smart but casual. Men may enjoy the luxury of a dark button down shirt and a pair of nice pants, and women may find simple and playful dresses perfect for the night. The idea is to look stylish while still remaining functional.

The Festive Wedding

Festive clothing for a fall wedding is colorful, exciting, and eye-catching! Festive weddings call for party dresses and cocktail dresses for women, and men should come dressed in a suit with unconventional additions, such as a wild colored bow tie or suspenders. Festive wedding attire should make the wearer feel excited and ready to celebrate an outgoing couple's big day.

The Formal Daytime Wedding

This is the most complicated of weddings to dress for. Though it is formal, this wedding does not call for full length gowns. Instead the crowd should be filled with men in tuxedos and women in brightly colored, short dresses. No beads or dark colors are necessary for this type of dress code, but an classy clutch and a simple diamond necklace are perfect for this daytime occasion.

The October Chill

When women are dressed in sleeveless dresses and open-toed shoes in the fall months, the cool autumn breeze is bound to make an appearance. A beautiful dress covered by the same sweater a woman would walk her dog in just does not cut it. Stylish jackets and coats that are warm and look fabulous with a wedding outfit do exist.

If men do not already have a tuxedo jacket requirement, dress jackets for men are readily available in stores such as Burlington Coat Factory from designers like Ralph Lauren. Women should search for a coat that blocks the cold while remaining complimentary to the outfit. Quality fabrics, flattering colors, and classic cuts are what separate an everyday jacket and a wedding worthy coat.

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