The Pros & Cons of Destination Weddings

My sister is struggling with this choice right now. She would love to have a combo wedding and honeymoon someplace fabulous, but she is really torn about the fact that a lot of people will skip it because of the expense.

For the couple getting married, it can actually be cheaper, and less stressful to book a wedding package at a resort over a long weekend. The guests, however, unless you are footing the entire bill, may not be as excited about spending money on airfare.

Here are the pros and cons to figure out if a destination wedding is right for you.


  •  Your wedding will be memorable, and you’ll have a place to return to for special anniversaries.
  •  Statistically, you will spend 40% less on a destination wedding and only 60% of those invited will attend.
  •  If you are booking a wedding package, many resorts have on site wedding planners who can walk you through all the decisions you need to make before you ever leave home. Just show up and it’s all ready for you.
  •  A benefit is that you can really tighten up the guest list. If you were dreading inviting certain relatives, and the drama they always bring, you can easily say that you are only inviting immediate family and a few close friends.
  •  You will save a lot of money by not having a huge reception, unless you cave to the pressure and have one when you get home anyway.
  •  You don’t have to pack and travel after the party, you are already at your honeymoon destination.
  •  You won’t need to bother with a gift registry. Asking your guests to buy plane tickets and gifts would be pretty tacky.


  •  Navigating the legal red tape of getting married in a foreign country can be daunting. If you aren’t doing it at a resort that troubleshoots all this for you, it might make sense to get legally married at home then have a ceremony at your destination.
  •  Older relatives may not be able to deal with long flights or island hoppers. If there are people you want at your wedding, you have to take this into consideration.
  •  Some people will not accept the invitation. There will be people who can’t get enough time off to travel a great distance. Nobody wants to fly all day to get to a destination and have to turn around 2 days later and fly right back.
  •  Destination wedding etiquette says that the wedding couple provide hotel rooms, food and most expenses, and guests pay their airfare. Anything you think you are saving by not having a huge reception at home may get eaten up in expenses at the resort. At least at an all inclusive resort, the food will all be taken care of.
  •  You may end up with friends and family enjoying your honeymoon with you. There will be people who book a longer stay than just the wedding weekend. You may want to find a cool boutique hotel nearby to move to once the wedding is over so you don’t have to entertain your guests.

Author Bio:

Prepared by Maria Smith. Maria Smith works as an online Spanish tutor for Glovico.

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