Are Tiaras Losing Their Charm?

Tiaras were quite the rage till the late 90’s. A wedding seemed incomplete without the elegant headdress to grace the occasion. It was a classically crafted piece of jewelry which made the bride feel like royalty or a queen on her special day. It made her stand out from the rest.

But as the years have progressed, fashion in the bridal world has seen lesser and lesser of tiaras. The primary reason for this has been the inclusion of other hair accessories in the repertoire of bridal jewelry. An elegantly designed brooch, a specially designed bedecked flower or an exquisite stone studded hair band look as beautiful as a tiara would look. Besides, it is in perfect sync with the less-is-more concept embraced by modern fashion

Tiaras as tradition

Tiaras have been associated with weddings since the days Greek Gods staked a claim to their Greek Goddesses. They have been considered as an adornment which embellishes the pure union of man and wife. The sanctity of the wedding ceremony is also the reason why brides have traditionally draped themselves in white.

But fashion has taken over tradition. Even wedding gowns have moved away from the conventional white to embrace other shades which make the wedding an event more significant to the bride and groom. Quite naturally with a change in the wedding gowns, the jewelry associated with the gown also changed. More contemporary jewelry replaced the traditional concepts. The tiara did not necessary fit into this concept of contemporary fashion.

The new age tiaras

The world of tiaras has struggled hard to keep up with the increasing demands of a rapidly changing bridal fashion scene. Some exquisite tiara styles which will always be in vogue even when tiaras swing out of fashion once and for all are:

  • Crystal and pearl tiaras

The combination is beautiful and elegant. The inclusion of pearls in tiaras definitely keeps it in step with the changing trends of bridal fashion. A lot many jewelers have come up with a range of tiaras which combine crystal and pearls in a breath taking fashion headgear which further promise to be an ageless addition to the bride’s ensemble

  • Floral deco on tiaras

This fashion never goes out of style. The floral deco gives the jewelry designer a wide berth to experiment with. The tiara sporting the delicately designed floral deco is sure to grab eyeballs and make the bride look like someone who got her fashion guidelines right.

  • Feathered Tiaras

After the Victorian weddings, feathered tiaras are coming back in fashion this year. They are graceful, elegant and sit very lightly on the head. They are comfortable to wear for long hours and carry with them a perfect blend of the past with the promise of the future.

The coming years do not necessarily need to witness a disappearance of tiaras. Brides deserve to feel like queens on their special day and a hair band or a head dress can never really feel as royal as a bejeweled tiara.

With little tweaks of pearls, crystal, diamonds and stone, the conventional tiara can be shaped by a skilled jeweler to adapt to any of the modern fashion demands. It is your wedding day and if you feel like a tiara is going to give you the confidence to own the moment, then you deserve to have one which makes you feel special.

Author Bio:

Guest post written by Arosha Taglia who is a well known Italian jewelry designer. Along with providing some tips on the latest fashion and wedding jewelry, he provides Italian engagement rings for women for those who are willing to give a personal touch to their proposal.

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