Artistic vs. Reporting Photography for your Big Day

There is a tendency for wedding couples to increasingly choose documentary style photography for their big day instead of the former artistic alternative. Both have their merits without doubt and though the aforementioned is currently more popular, imaginative and creative photography still has its fans. However, for brides and grooms it’s nice to be able to weigh up the options and the benefits one has over the other.


Both documentary style and artistic photos are memorable for different reasons and both add to the day in different ways. Obviously, the documentary style images make for a quite comprehensive account of the special day. In years to come, this comprehensive approach is something to cherish.

Equally, the artistic photos are as memorable, but in a very different way. Instead of spurring the memory into an overall event for event snapshot; these images capture specific special moments in an imaginative manner that captures a very special moment in time.


The reporting photography is clearly a natural take on the day. We all know that some of the best photographs come at unplanned opportune moments and this documentary style captures this wonderfully. Alternatively, though the artistic style involves posing, a great photographer can really capture the special feelings and the ease a new couple feel with each other. This natural and beautiful energy is something that really adds to the artistic imagery and makes it something to cherish forever after.

Wedding Specific

Some weddings are more suited to artistic photography and some to the documentary style. Surroundings, the event, and the way the day is set to progress and of course the people often dictate whether the artistic or documentary style photography is best. Lots of movement, dancing, spontaneity and frolics often mean the photographer has to be on the ball and be able to capture the unexpected. If the wedding is more sedate and moves along at a slower pace then perhaps consider alternatives.

Depends on the Person

Some people just don’t enjoy sitting down for photos and others just love it. Frankly, it depends on the person you are and whether you enjoy one or the other. As we’ve mentioned, some of the best images are taken off guard, when people are at their most natural. Others love the camera and the camera loves them. Often the best advice is to follow what you feel most comfortable with.

The Photographer

Perhaps you have someone in mind to do the shoot. Asking them what they think and what they specialize in can help if you’re in between two minds. If they’re abilities are orientated towards one over the other, why not compare a few photographers and decide on what you like the most.

Being open minded as regards wedding photography can be something that stands to you no matter what sort of photography you’re choosing. So, research, consider and take your time; it’s your special day after all.

Author Bio:

Gary Roebuck is an award winning UK based photographer with a wide range of experience in the world of wedding photography.

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